Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 5411

Candy Crush Level 5411 Tips


  • Reach 225,000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 25 Moves.

Level 5411 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play near to grill and make special candy. Combine them with each other or play near to jellies to break them all.

Candy Crush Level 5411 Walkthrough Video

5 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 5411

  1. After 3 years of faithfully playing. I quit this level is impossible. I don’t get the pointe you show.

  2. Same here, impossible to achieve. The points given for matches are not enough to get to 225,000. Only so many bombs given to you. Way too much chocolate appears from the “special candies.” The spinners need only to get hit about 3 times and they are gone. Or just not enough space to get the bombs before they explode. Almost seems like my game is rigged against getting past it. Too frustrating. I spent a day and a half trying this level on 3 different devices. It really is impossible!

  3. Subbanna Hassan // September 22, 2019 at 6:31 am // Reply

    This level is really hard to crack.I lost my gold bars and boosters.I am trying to complete this level from past 2 days. Give me some tips to break the level

  4. Boring. No esp coals come down or can be made, bombs covered still count down, spent a week to no avail. Increasingly a level is played and then eventually comes out with no skill used. At last I have lost interest, after six years.

  5. Another level that does not appear to allow for the fact that we player reaching it, as the first comment here says, we have played faithfully for MANY years…..NO DECENT RECOGNITION FOR THIS! I can not recall the year of my starting but I believe it may have been on a cruise in 2006!
    The stupid satchel is not able to be accessed so why put it there…….
    This level is just a fluke level which may or may not have any skill to it.
    I would like to know if ANYONE reads these comments

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