How to Play Bubble Witch Saga 3

release the owls

Bubble witch saga is another addicted game by King, the one of top puzzle game maker. In this game you will have multiple type of levels. You will need to clear the board by matching the same bubble. One type of game is that you need to free the fairies by breaking the bubbles near to them. And the one is helping the ghost in releasing them.

Release the Owl

release the owls


To release the owl you will need to break the bubbles near to owl. You should choose the color of bubble that is above the owl. Make the aim and break the bubbles by matching them with more than three or three same color bubbles. You could aim the bubbles below to other bubble color that have more in same colors. After break the above same color bubble the break more bubbles.

Help The Ghost

help the ghost


This is another type of the game. You will need to clear the space from ghost to top of the board. For this type of level, you will need to break the bubbles above them. Try to play more above the bubble the shuffle or move the ghost to the top.

Clear All Bubbles

To pass this level you will need to pop all bubbles. Try to pop the bubbles that are in top. Try to pop the bubbles that are in more same color. If you get the bubble with less same color bubbles on the board then aim it to below any bubbles that are more in same color. Pop the bubble with more in same color to pop below more other bubbles.

Defeat Wilbur

Defeat Wilbur

To defeat the wilbur, you will need to pop the bubbles with ferries to weak their bubbles. Try to pop bubbles more near to ferries and as you get the free space then pop the bubbles with ferries.

Bubble Witch Saga Helpers

More / Less

In one move the bubble increase your moves and if you pop the bubble when it has -1 then it will reduce your move.

Magic Boom Helpers

If you pop the bubble that is in left with purple and pink color. It generate 4 bubbles and pop 4 other bubbles. The bubble with +3 increases you moves. Bubble with arrow rotate with every moves and when you pop it, it pop all bubbles in same column. And the last one in right helped to pop same color bubbles with the color bubble you pop it.


Flower helper turn bubbles and insert the ferries under them. It help to weaken the wilbur magic.


bubblifier is another helper that change the color into same bubble color that its connected to it. It will help to pop the bubble if same color bubbles are not near.

Acid Cauldron

After poping it with bubble, it release some acid and pop the bubbles near to them.

Tint Bomb

Tint bomb helper helped other bubbles near to it to same colors. Then pop the same color bubbles to pop it.



This is another type of helper. And it will change the bubble that you pop with the bubble that are in bubble shooter.


Lineblast is one of helper and if you pop it then will pop full line of bubbles horizontally.

Arcane Bubbles

Arcane bubble will help to destroy and pop the bubbles near to them.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 Blockers

Clone Bubble



This blocker change the color of next bubble and help or some time make difficult after changing the color

Spider Web

spider web struck the bubbles under them. You will need to hit it with bubble from center to break the web and to release the bubbles


To make pumpkin fall you will need to hit it with bubble directly.


Leaf change the aim and make the bubble shooter aim to change.


To break the Golem blockers you will need to use the same bubbles with the Golem mouth.

Golden Beetle

You will need to break the golden beetle as it will go high.


This Frogsty blocker freeze the bubbles near to it. You will need to pop the frozen bubbles to before breaking all over.


It create cloud near to bubbles. you will need to break the cloud before poping the bubbles.

Duo Bubbles

To break this blocker you will need to pop it twice with the same color on blockers.


You should break it twice contentiously to fully destroy it.



This is another blocker that change the color in every shoot

Black Hole

Black HoleIt absorb the bubbles through fire by first two shoots.

Black Bubble

Black Bubble

To break this blocker you will need to use the arb. Try breaking it as soon as possible.


To break this blocker you will need to destroy it with same bubble shoot that is in their home.



You will need the visor to open and as it get open shoot it with same color bubble.




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