Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 5

Candy Crush Level 5

Candy Crush Level 5 Tips


  • You need 5000 points to clear level
  • You have 20  moves

Level 5 guide and cheats:

This level have little bit different board  for candies and you could see 4 empty candy bar that will reduce chances to make color bomb or wrapped candies but if you played previous level few more time then you might have chance to score more sweet points. You should try to make 3 start level score as you played same type of level last time. You can make wrapped candy by making ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape of  same color candies or striped candy by combining 4 same color candies and making color bomb(combing 5 same color candies) could be hard but might be if you have better luck you can still make color bombs. Some more trick you can try like matching striped with wrapped candy, that will make huge bomb will clear 3 lines  horizontally and vertically that can see below in screenshots.

wrapped plus striped candy bomb 1
This screenshot showing trick to make big bomb by matching wrapped candy with striped candy that will break 3 row and columns.

wrapped plus striped candy bomb 2

Candy Crush Level 5 Walkthrough Video

Its a full candy crush level 5  video that require 5000 points within 20 moves  from 44 candiesthat is much plus more moves will give lot of chance to score more by making color bombs and striped candy. We had 4 empty candy row but still we were lucky to make color bombs and etc to score more then 30000 sweet points.

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