Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1825

Candy Crush Level 1825 Tips


  • Get the 132,000 points in 90 Seconds!

Level 1825 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more from bottom to shuffle the candies and make special candy as you get the chance. Match special candy with normal candy and not with special candy to save the time.

Candy Crush Level 1825 Walkthrough Video

19 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1825

  1. There are way too many timed levels. They are not fun and very discouraging to play. This is another one that you get almost no points.

  2. why have you got 90 seconds I hve only 60 seconds to complete this level impossible

  3. Strangely my game gives me 60 minutes and not 90. This level is too tough and I havent scored over 32000, which is 100000 lesser than the required. I will giev this level another two days. After that I quit Candy crush and move on to some other game. Games should be fun and destressers and not a cause of stress to cross the level.

  4. Timed levels are not fun and makes me want to quit this game

  5. I only have 60 seconds not 90. Ready to quit with these timed games. Hate them!!! I can’t get anywhere close to 3,000, nevermind 132,000. You’ll lose players with these timed games. We do this to relax.

  6. I agree. The timed levels just cause me a lot of anxiety and stress. Not fun at all. I’ve been stuck on this level for nearly two weeks.

  7. I hate this level I only get 60 sec and cannot get near the score required….timed levels are too stressful

  8. if no one spends money on timed levels CC will wake up and do away with them.

  9. 1825 completed! 22 boards! Follow video. Clear blockers, load frog & collect +5’s.

  10. 1825 done ✅

  11. I can’t get close at all I hate these levels grrrrrr

  12. Impossible this level. I only get 60 seconds not 90. Which would make a huge difference.may give up now had enough

  13. virginia revord // January 9, 2017 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    i quite this game it is effing stupid imposssible to win on your own,have to wait until you decide to let someone to win.

  14. This level looks impossible I hate the timed levels they are very stressful I can’t believe I made it this far cause I feel like I could’ve quit candy crush so many times I remember quitting level 462 for like a year and then I decided to try again and I beat but these timed levels right now are no fun and are ridiculous I only got 60 seconds not 90 how can you beat a level scoring 132,000 in a minute don’t get me wrong there have been harder timed levels level 1538 95,000 in 30 seconds level 1602 180,000 in 30 seconds etc.

  15. Looks impossible but it took me 6 tries and I finally beat it scored over 144,000 points

  16. Unfortunately with all.these timed levels, you need to create as ma y color bombs as possible, and do NOT use them! I left the 4 in the corner alone, and created 2-3 more, and then let the clock run out. That did the trick! For some stupid reason, you get more points by NOT using the color bombs that you actually do using them in the game.

  17. I only have 60 sec not 90 this level is impossible. By the time I open the colored candy my time is up. Hate timed levels…..this is so frustrating grrrrr

  18. give me my extra 30 sec like this level shows….how do you expect me to do this in 60 sec when you have 90….so ready to ditch this game. I’m getting really peeved I’ve been trying over and over to pass this level for nothing grrrrrr

  19. PLEASE fix this level….at least let me try 90 sec. cuz 60 sec. is impossible.
    You promised many levels back that there would be NO MORE timed levels.

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