Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1669

candy crush level 1669

Candy Crush Level 1669 Tips


  • Collect all the orders and reach 10,000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 15 moves.
  • Order = 60 Green Candy

Level 1669 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more with green candies or make wrapped candy or other special candy. Combine special candies with each other to have more candies available on board and break them to complete the orders.

Candy Crush Level 1669 Walkthrough Video

22 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1669

  1. I am really having a hard time playing this particular level 1669. I noticed there’s not much green candies coming out even though I try my best and used boosters. Can you please help me how to get to the next level?
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of hard levels that r obviously set up that way but this one is truly asinine. I watched video when big combos made there r a lot of green that fall. When I make big combos no green fall. They need to quit treating their . Players like they’re stupid and can’t c what’s going on. And realize players get bored and move on to another game when they put so many hard levels that require hundreds of attempts. The players realize that level is set up to lose.

  3. Not enough green candies available grrrrrr !!!!!!

  4. Just got a lucky board and done level

  5. i agree with the others above. I have played this one for days and have never even come clost to having enough green. I am getting bored and i think i am ready to move on.

  6. Why are the green not filling the board after a good combo? Need help to understand. Merci for listening.

  7. 1669 completed! 2 boards! Only use colorbomb on green candles stripped green best.

  8. This level is ridiculous!! Not enough green candies falling

    • I got 2 color bombs next to 2 striped greens, but when the game gives you 2 or 3 green candies at a time this is useless. I agree with everyone here. This is set up to fail. How can you collect 60 greens in 15 moves with 3 green candies at a time? I exploded a color bomb on a green candy and afterwards there were no green candies on the board for 3 moves. This games is a joke, but it’s not funny!

  9. 1669 completed after about 20 attempts used one candy hammer for last green candy , as needed four on last move and only three together .

  10. Linda Edwards // November 8, 2016 at 9:08 am // Reply

    How the hell are you supposed to do this stupid level when not enough greens never drop.cck is taking the p”removed”x

  11. Lucky done on six attempt

  12. the video above only has 34 green ones to get. My board has 60. There are not enough green ones to get 60 even with special candies. This level is just plain dumb and not fun or challenging. Its boring. Need to make more green candies fall or this level will never be won.

  13. Mick Fullwood // April 10, 2017 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    Thank you. That worked after 5 or 6 tries.

  14. I thought this level was impossible – that’s why I came here!
    And it was – on my laptop. I played it on my tablet, with a couple of boosters, to be fair. I beat it, 2nd time of trying, with four moves spare!
    The video is worth watching, cos it shows you not to chase greens. Chase boosters and things that clear the screen. Clearing the screen just kept bringing tons of greens on screen.
    It can be done!
    This is just one of those levels that will make you want to give up, and then, you’ll just beat it. Just like that!

  15. Silverdollarbill // September 18, 2017 at 6:51 am // Reply

    Finally got it after playing for about 4 days, NBU. Early on I was able to make a CB wrapped combo. A few moves later I made a double wrapped combo. One of my moves was activating a striped green knocking out several more greens. Finished it 2 moves left.

  16. Mom cannot get many Green candy so please help me… Appreciated

  17. 4 days of this…really???
    Greens don’t fall. Closest I’ve come is needing 12 morem

  18. got his on my 6th try no boosters. Just make combos like a color bomb/wrap , and color bombs to hit colors other than the green. That will cascade greens and take them down.

  19. Waar haal je in vredesnaam 60 groene snoepjes vandaan?

  20. My level 1669 shows 20 moves to collect 114 peppermint swirls???
    Why is it different than shown above?

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