Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1360

candy crush level 1360

Candy Crush Level 1360 Tips


  • Bring dawn all ingredients and reach 60000 points to complete the level
  • You have only 40 moves.
  • 6 Ingredients

Level 1360 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play from the bottom of the board to move candies and make special candy as you get the chance. As you will play from the bottom candies will shuffle and help ingredients to move plus will give more chance to make special candy. If you still unable to pass the level then watch video below.

Candy Crush Level 1360 Walkthrough Video

9 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1360

  1. laachhu dunwani // November 27, 2015 at 11:11 am // Reply

    this level is not that easy as it looks like, i have tried it more than 60 to 80 times, but the level does not get completed, i guess some update or changes has to be done in this level. dear admin please look into this.

  2. Christine Brown // May 31, 2016 at 2:31 am // Reply

    I agree with the last comment. This is not at all a easy level. Getting really tired of playing and nothing. Admin………….help

  3. I passed this level in 2 tries

    • THERESA A. Dolan // March 21, 2019 at 11:35 am // Reply

      I absolutely agree! If we get to this level, we have to be good at this game and yet we are having problems solving it which means something is wrong. Thank you for making me feel better and not an idiot for having problems with a hard level, not a nightmare level!

  4. This video is soooo incorrect!!!! EVERY time I get close a stripe knocks ingredients back down! ?

  5. I couldn’t clear this level from my phone. Too many explosions, causing my ingredients to fall down and out of play from the track closest to the exit.

    First try from the pc, and I cleared it. Try to get the ingredients to fall from the left dispenser, as it will go right where it needs to go to fall almost immediately.

  6. Correction on last comment. Get ingredients to fall from the RIGHT side dispenser. Not the left. Sorry.

  7. Rosemary Bandura // August 11, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    The video is great for the lucky person that had all the ingredients to fall on the right, main dispenser and not get blasted down. Awesome trick!

  8. Passed in 2 tries

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