Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1330

candy crush level 1330

Candy Crush Level 1330 Tips


  • Bring dawn all ingredients and reach 50000 points to complete the level
  • You have only 30 moves.
  • 5 Ingredients

Level 1330 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play near to blockers or from the bottom to shuffle the candies as it will help to make special candy. Combine special candies with each other or play near to ingredients to take them out from the board.

Candy Crush Level 1330 Walkthrough Video

56 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1330

  1. Mine does not make the cloudy square that hit one time clears it, mine makes the hard white square that when you hit it you get the silver square that also has to be cleared .so it has to be hi twice to make a path of useble bll, not fun at all!
    This ishould be in the hard level

  2. Lorraine Price // December 24, 2015 at 8:21 am // Reply

    Me too……am finding it impossible……a really stupid level.

  3. Same here.

  4. Same here . First time in a long time that I am not enjoying the game. Maybe it’s time to play something else.

  5. Mine too. Been playing tor too long

  6. Maureen Clarke // December 29, 2015 at 2:38 am // Reply

    Oh come on such a stupid frustrating level. I agree with above comments it is time to move on and play something else. Every level lately I’m wasting boosters, gold bars n time. . Really sick of it now, enjoyment is gone

  7. Yes! Why do some people get the easier whipped cream squares?!!! I get the solid ones that take twice as much to break, too! I’m about to give up. I’ve thrown tons of boosters at it and still can’t get it done.

  8. Terrible level. No fun. Makes no sense. Time to quit.

  9. Finally quitting!! This level is impossible to pass unless you purchase boosters, i.e. wheel

  10. I hate this level. It is impossible to pass. I am ready to quit.

  11. Diabolical, and none of the known curse words work either.

  12. I’m quitting to I don’t need this stress in my life

  13. This level is totally impossible —– I will die before I ever make this level happen! What’s the fun in this????

    • Alvaro G. Quesada // September 18, 2017 at 12:24 am // Reply

      I hope you’re not dead! This will only get worse in difficulty, and get ready to spend $$$. Remember, this is a business for King. I need free boosters so I play easier past levels. But, it looks like even with that, it won’t be enough. I’ll see how far I can go until I throw in the towel.

  14. I get the hard squares too which take multiple hits to break. Als. No matter how many times I hit the spinners they do not go away. They just keep creating multiple hard squares. Used many boosters and nothing helps. No fun. Time to bid farewell to Candy Crush.

  15. What are these new items, what do they do… the squirly things??? No comment to introduce them… how we Spoleto know what to do with them. They j u st appeared.

  16. Just started this level and just can’t figure it out. I agree with the other comments. Way too complicated. Help!

    • Mine does the same thing! It’s like the better you do at busting them, the more you get punished with new ones being added. Did you ever figure it out?

  17. I don’t get the whip cream squares. Those little evil spins create multiple hard squares after I clear them away and they keep traveling up – by the time the level is finished I have only two rows of candies. I can clear an entire row and drop a fruit only for that row to fill up with hard squares that take two hits for them to go away AGAIN. Why don’t I get the whip cream squares? At least I would have a chance!!!

  18. Yay! This level has finally weaned me off of Candy crush! I,
    M done. Angry Birds just added more levels, I’m happy again!

  19. Hate this level! When I watch the you tube videos they slowly make blocking candies. Mine make tons and very fast. I’ve been playing this for too long. Strategie does not work here … Much like the dreaded tornado levels. I use this to keep my mind sharp … Not to tick myself off. I’m off to find a new game …. One that will allow me to use my mind. If I wanted a game of chance I’d go to Vegas. F-off candy crush

  20. Agree with other comments. Quitting candy crush because wasting months on this level.

  21. larry hazzard // March 21, 2016 at 1:20 am // Reply

    You can win this game by having 10 lollypops. Five for each spinner. Destroy
    them first before you make your first move. Have some hands ready if you
    need them.

  22. So many unhappy players……should send a message. Sounds like there will be less followers in the future if the degree of difficulty stays the same on some of these levels.

  23. I have learned some levels have to be played on a desktop computer in order to complete. I played 100 times on my phone without success. The 1st time I played this level on my desktop I beat it.

  24. I thought I was the only one to hate this level. I don’t mind a challenge but this one is stressful. Not having fun. I think it’s time to quit too.

    • Bonnie from Houston // November 28, 2016 at 12:00 am // Reply

      Thank you for this suggestion…..on the computer, with a spin wheel, 2 lollypops, and a handay (thanks to all the suggestions), I was able to completed on my computer with my first try……after a very frustrating time on my phone…..this is definitely a hard level and not a medium level. Thank you all for your help.

  25. This level is impossible. Time to quit I think

  26. Example games and my game not the same. It should be changed back to,be possible.

  27. Ridiculous level! How in the heck are you suppose to win?? No matter what I do, what I use, how far I “almost” get to the bottom, those clocks ALWAYS cover up or make another square! Very aggravating.

  28. No problems here I used 2 colorbombs in the first few moves which takes out the spinning wheels and most of the blockers dropped 4 ingredients and I had to use 3 lollipops to finish this level in 12 tries

  29. 2 color bombs to begin with, which pretty much clears the board used 3 lollipops to complete this level in 12 tries

  30. Impossible to get without the wheel booster and I haven’t any !! A stupid game

  31. I’m using my laptop and makes no difference, ugh! I think this it for me.
    Bye, Felicia. I mean, candy crush.

  32. Not waisting my time anymore on this game, i am not a real regular player anymore. Since i game above level 1200 i play iT now and than. Now i play iT ones a week or not at all for three four weeks till i don’t play iT anymore.

  33. I was like everyone on this board, angry and frustrated and ready to quit Candy Crush because of this level. After reading all the comments, I went back to the game and quickly passed the level. I was amazed.

  34. Too difficult, haven’t come close to making it through this level. As others have said it’s time to leave Candy Crush.

  35. I would get off candy crush. Uninstall the game. Don’t think about it for weeks or months. If you ever come back the level you thought was hard becomes the easiest. Why? The game gives you the perfect board and you win. But you also lose because you’ll be playing again and remembering how much fun the game was until that fateful day when you can’t win anymore. You’ll be frustrated again swearing it’s your last time playing. The game should be fun and if it’s not then it will affect your health…it starts with higher blood pressure. Find another game.

  36. I’m finally through with candy crush because of this level. Impossible unless you spend a bit of money. I’m sick of it. Done. Finished. Good bye!

  37. Ditto tired of this whole area looked ahead too many more hard levels .. Bye bye candy crush.. Just not fun anymore and will
    Not pay for boosters on this mess

  38. Can’t believe it got it in three tries.

  39. This game stinks no opportunities

  40. This game is no fun no opportunities to complete this level so fustrating not enjoyable anymore

  41. This game is no fun anymore no opportunities to complete this level very aggrevating

  42. Unreal color bombs do nothing and no opportunities to complete this game

  43. I Itotally hate this game says to play near blockers and from bottom not many options

  44. I totally hate this game says to play near blockers and near bottom not to many options for this

  45. Totally disgusting level no chances like video no fun ready to quit and will not spend any money and not many boosters

  46. Unreal enough already I give up

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