Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1247

candy crush level 1247

Candy Crush Level 1247 Tips


  • Bring dawn all ingredients and reach 20000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 25 moves.
  • 2 Ingredients

Level 1247 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from middle of the board and try to break the cake. Or make striped candy as you get the chance. Combine striped candy with colorbomb or wrapped candy to break the blockers that are in corner of the board to move ingredients and take them out from the board. You can take more help from the video below.

Candy Crush Level 1247 Walkthrough Video

85 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1247

  1. This level is completely ridiculous not enough moves too restricted can’t make enough special candies. Will have a few more goes then will think about quitting cc altogether. Boring level just going through the motions and not getting anywhere. Bye bye

  2. There is something very wrong about this game. I gave gotten one cherry through then the second cherry disappears! That happened twice. Then once I got the left cherry through and the cherry on the right doesn’t drop through the center, it dropped to the row to the right of the center and got stuck there.

    • Same thing happened to me… I was so mad! I beat the level technically after trying for two weeks and when I cleared out the left and cleared all the column on the right, the fruit dropped to the bottom but didn’t continue dropping to the other side (even though it was empty).

      • Can u believe it….in one go I beat this level…. Used a sparkle and stripe candy which opened up where the cherries are then cake …. try that…

  3. This is a stupid level. Too hard, not enough moves, the cherries disappear without reason. My advice is to avoid this level …uninstall the game.

  4. Same happened to me as to Pat. Managed to clear the board the cherry on the left dropped through but the cherry on the right somehow managed to miss the centre and ended up on the bottom just right of centre. Absolutely no way to complete the level from that position. Shambles of a level.

  5. Pat and Duncan are Correct about this Level ,waste of time ,weapons as the Candy on Right Hand Side of Game Drops into no mans land with no way of getting it to drop as the candy on the left side drops off as a candy collected ,Fix the problem Candy Crush Guru’s

  6. Candy gurus rethink over the level as the fishes are of no help in clearing the cake. abd agree with comments above

  7. Delete the game. Impossible. Played since the beginning. Will give it another week then I will be quitting forever

  8. I am in agreement with everyone else. Not enough chances to make combos as more than 50% are wasted moves. And if you do get a lucky board and get one cherry, OOPS, the other one disappears or is in a place you can’t possibly move it from. These videos are a joke! Who has ever had a board so good as that????

  9. Agree with everyone. Have gotten one cherry to drop and when the other “should”, it doesn’t. Fish are just a waste – they don’t just break blocks, they suddenly break colored candies and possibly mess up other moves. CC has to fix this level – too many mess ups on it.

  10. took care of the cherry on the left, the right cherry just stayed at the bottom.

  11. THE fishes don’t help you! And the cherry disappeared om the left Side. And an other time The cherry in the right Side doesn’t fall! I spend all my boosters om thuis level but it is unpossible to fix thuis level!!

  12. I have been playing for almost a year now and i can said that this level is crazy, i am thinking to stop playing now, i don`t think i will never be able to complete it. When i think it almost completed, my last cherry got stuck at the bottom, it doesn`t make any sense.
    At least make it drop from the left side to the right side, it would have make more sense.

  13. This level is beyond stupid and ridiculous. I guarantee the designers couldn’t even pass this level. Like to see how much they enjoy wasting time on it. When it’s no fun it’s time to quit!!!!

  14. Will give it 2 more days and than will delete CC. There is no way to pass this level. I faced same problems as mentioned above.

  15. There is something wrong with level 1247. Apple disappears plus doesn’t matter what I found I can’t get anywhere at all, something is wrong!!!

  16. It has bugs,

  17. Does King Games read these comments? Everyone should take a screen shot and email it to How ’bout it?

  18. I agree with everybody . This is a rediculs level and make no sense to me. I waisted all my booster and bought even more . Still did not help. I got the first cherry through and the second got stuck in the left bottom. It’s a shame on you King after gotten so far and spend a lot of money that you do such things with us as I am not getting any further and no of getting. I will not go on like this ,

  19. The fish is stuip, iT even doesn,t delete à piece of THE cake
    All THE boosters used and nothing.
    Bleh on this moment i hate to plat Candy crush.

  20. I m looking for another game

  21. Agree with everyone..stupid level..just doesn’t work..spend over 80 life’s on it…really pi…me
    off..bye CC after 2 years!!

  22. you need to clear the center block …thats the teleporter that the right side cherry has to pass through to get to the left side ….

  23. Margaret Hall // October 28, 2015 at 9:19 am // Reply

    I agree with everyone above, I have spent a fortune on this level and every time I get one cherry through and the other one disappears!

    Its pants and it needs to be changed please candy crush!!!

  24. How is iT possible, i played both fruits down, but onze is coming in THE middle and van nog be played back and away.brbrrbrb grgrgrrg

    • you need to have the left side empty or atleast moving at the same time …so that the cherry can keep moving … if it cant go to the left it will just drop in center .. and then it is useless

  25. It’s a stupid and boring level. Moves are less and the fish don’t help. They should help in clearing the cakes at least. The right side cherry doesn’t fall. Going to quit candy crush. No more patience for all these ridiculous boring levels

  26. Ridiquouless level. Another attempt from the owners of this game to fetch dollars that won’t get you through this level anyway.

  27. They really need to fix this level. Not enough moves and the fish are useless. Game would be better without the fish. I have also had people give me 3 extra moves for this level but they disappear and I can’t use them.

  28. I have played this level for several weeks waiting for a lucky board – it is far too boring to continue – have only gotten close a couple of times – I guess it is Thank YOU Candy Crush – I am going to delete YOU!

  29. Seriously bugged level!! I just had a fish & stripe combo. The striped fish landed on the cherry in the left column, turned it to a green stripe, blasted down & the cherry completely vanished!! Hadn’t cleared all the blockers, it just vanished. Never gonna complete it with bugs like that 🙁

  30. This level is terrible. I have been busy with it for weeks now, and it just doesn’t work at all. Too less moves, to less space to do good moves, the fishes are useless, it is no fun to play this level. Hope they will fix it soon or else I will stop playing it because this level is so boring and frustrating..

  31. I can’t even get the cakes let alone get the cherries. Terrible level, not enough moves.

  32. Why do you make some levels impossible????? I like a challenge, but when you play the same level for weeks, spend money and still can’t defeat it, It’s too boring and frustrating!!!! Bye Bye, Candy Crush!!!

  33. Tried this level again today and am definitely finished with CC!!!! When you make a game this frustrating and impossible, you are going to lose faithful game players!!! By the way, those stupid fish are absolutely USELESS!!!!! They ruin more plays than they help!!! So Long!!!

  34. Same complaints. Second cherry disappears and is nowhere to be found. Wth?!

  35. Same happened to me, my striped fish turned the cherry to a stripe candy and was gone! I get 4 same color and it doesn’t give me the striped candy. Lots of glitches on this level

  36. I agree with everybody but does king read these. Are they aware it’s impossible to beat because of the glitches. How can u make sure king knows about these problems and r they going to do anything about it or just lose a lot of frustrated players

  37. Stupid level something wrong one time clear everything and one cherry got stuck never drop other time clear all and cherry jumping to the center Helpppppp please fixed this

  38. Glad to read these comments. I thought I was loosing it! The cherry disappears and if I had know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent money for extra moves. How frustrating and boring.

  39. Glad to read these comments. I thought I was loosing it! The cherry disappears and if I had know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent money for extra moves. How frustrating and boring.

  40. Just Beat it. Don’t focus on the candies underneath the pies by the fish. Make as many stripes as you can and break up the top. Took me three weeks, no boosters. It can be done.

  41. I’ve been waiting for a level like this to beak my addiction…thanks CC!

  42. *break

  43. I use to look forward to playing till I hit 1247, now I find excuses not to play. I have read all th tips and all the frustrations. The all help site had over 300 complaints. This level has too many bugs to spend anymore time or money. Sad, it use to be such fun.

  44. After holding the same position 5 times, I just played it again and got to same position and this time it went through when I used a hammer on left pie, and the gun blew it out. Thank goodness.

  45. I’m at my end here with this level!! I’m done.. I’m over it!
    There’s no way to get through this level.. I’ve read the tips & watched numerous videos & didn’t help at all..
    Thanks King!! Uve finally pushed me away!!!

  46. I do not know what the problem You all are having with this level I completed it in about 30 tries. For me this level was fairly easy for me on to 1248

  47. I’m done!
    This level is bu**sh**!

  48. My fish on the right fell in to the field of play…it didn’t follow the other…wtf?

  49. This level is ridiculous. Fish are useless, too many restriction for the candy to fall. The game is not fun when levels are like this. I have been on this level for days. Thinking about trying some other game cause I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over. the game is not fun anymore!!!!!

  50. Again a sh** level. Candy crush saga destroy themself. Can’t wait to see them down under. Jippie.

  51. To see all the commentaar, candy crush is on historische way back, down under, What a pit, they can’t cobinate a normale level, only sh** level. How sad, thats the way to loos players cc.???

  52. I am realy done with candy crush saga, sh** level and terrible level, and they want us to play on and on? Now way. I am done with it.

  53. Like millions of People Who stop playing this game, But they don’t tell you, haha.????

  54. Look at the walk trouw. Look at the video, you know you can’t reach this level. Candy crush is rally down under. Can imagine that a lot of million People don’t play this game anymore. I am so done with this game?????

  55. When i see the comments this level is not to get. I agree. This level su** and i done with it, like Many other people. What a fu**ing game, seems that CC never learn from their misstaken. What a shame. And the treasure? Keep them i don’t need them. I am not playing anymore.

  56. I came far enough. Must not think about level 2000. OMG i don’t what to play so far, the game is no fun at all. So.. Here i stop.

  57. As I see the commentaar, the way I Try to play this level, it must be the end for me. No fun candy crush. I am fedd up with your game. Like millions of other players. Well done.

  58. Look at this game! IT has nothing you want to play with. So stop playing this fuc.. game . I Will. I am so done with this annoying fu**ing game????????

  59. This game is not my game for a long time. Sorry Candy crush, you on retour. Its just a fuc.. annoying game. Good luck i am not playing it anymore???

  60. I read all the comment, sorry, i don’t even try. I am not waisting my time! This game su**?

  61. Thee wordt,!!!!! CC, game over?

  62. I don’t read the walktrough, bu**sh**. On this level everyone stop playing iT, so am i. Nice for the time being. Must not think about 800 levels to go , so i quitt. No fun at all, no motivation to go on. Waisting time, so no game for this old boring annoing game!

  63. Thats why i stop playing this game as well. When i see How Many people stop playing by this level. So i don’t need to try going further. CC game is not my game anymore. What a fuc.. sh.. game. I think only losers still playing this stupid game!

  64. And thats why I stop paling this game as well. OMG this is so annoying, I under stand why everyone stop playing it, by this game I stop half away, don’t want to finish this level, its waisting my time. So for me it ends here. Focus o other games, not the bu**sh** cc games.

  65. I must not think a bout I have to play to level 2000, I don’t even get level 1247. So, cc What do you want? I Already give up, for me No play.

  66. A hard difficulty, Yes … Thats why everyone stops playing this game. Good work CC you Distrito your game. I would say good luck! You are on your way?

  67. And How do you stop playing a game. Yes Candy crush saga. What a distroying game. Cant believe that people play iT still. Shall i ask on twitter? Haha. I think i cant handle all the answers.

  68. What a sh** game. I am done with it. Bey Bey cc. ?

  69. Can’t understand that they still play this game. So Many people stop playing it. Everytime they ask, download this game, download that game. I don’t download any other king games. They are sh**, boring and thank god that i never paid for anything. There are enough other nice games. Don’t download a king size game! Thats my advice!

  70. Lost game. GAME OVER!!!!!!!!???

  71. what’s going on with level 1247 cc? my level 1247 shows 1 row candy across top but icon in fb shows 2 rows of candy across top as well as all the videos’ I have watched? is this a glitch or did it get changed by king? also, I have the same problem as a lot of other players with that right side cherry falling down in the center area with no way to finish the level – very stressful level! so is it me or the game? please send me an email as listed below if you can advise on this issue? 12/10/16

  72. yeah they changed it, and it still doesnt work

  73. Something seriously wrong with the layout of level 1247 board compared to mine. On the video it shows two full rows across the top of the upper right cake. I only have one full row above the upper right cake on my board. Something seriously wrong. Correct it or I quit.

  74. Rose-Marie Persson // April 14, 2017 at 12:34 pm // Reply

    Alla videos har två rader överst. Jag har bara en. Rätta den annars tröttnar jag.

  75. Waste of time – never bought and never will buy any boosters – so I return after some months to see, if there are any fixes made by king’s –
    shame on you developers , and shame on you who did not test this buggy level

  76. I don’t want the levels to be easy, I mean, I made it to level 1247, but this is ridiculous. I’ve used up all boosters and as everyone has attested, the fish do more harm than good, and the second cherry just sits somewhere stuck if you do manage to release the first one. I”ve threatened to leave before, but now, it’s just no fun to be on the same level for WEEKS! So frustrated

  77. Do not give up! I was beginning to think this level was impossible too and I just passed it with no boosters! It took me LOTS of tries but I finally got a lucky board! Just be patient and it will happen for you too!

  78. Many of the same problems. I’ve even done fish & wrapper combinations several times and they NEVER land in the columns where the cherries are as show in the walk through. ALWAYS land in an absolutely useless place that gets me nowhere. Frustrating to say the least.

  79. Terribly boring level. As with many levels you have to wait for the right board.

  80. This game is not fun anymore! I’ve been at it for weeks!! I’am getting a headache, instead of enjoying this game!

  81. These games say relax! Instead with this level I’m getting headaches!! REALLY!!

  82. Is Candy crush there to enjoy or to frustrate? Time zapper. Brings you nowhere.

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