Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Soda Level 338

candy crush soda level 338

Candy Crush  Soda Level 338 Tips


  • Eat the honey and save the bears
  • You have only 35 moves.
  • 17  Bears

Level 338 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty and you need to use good technique to complete this level. For this level you should try to play from top part of the board where you have more candies to play and try to make special candy. Combine special candies to each other to break more honey to save all bears within 35 moves.

Candy Crush soda Level 338 Walkthrough Video

37 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Soda Level 338

  1. My game gives me only 25 moves.

  2. I only have 25 moves!

  3. This is impossible i only have 25 moves!

  4. Why do I only have 25 moves?????

  5. 🙁 ridiculous only 25 moves..

  6. I only have 25 moves as well

  7. why don’t you put it back to 35 moves?

  8. Nancy Bennett // December 12, 2016 at 5:10 am // Reply

    I only have 25 tries also, this is ridiculously stupid!

  9. Why do we have 25 moves but the video shows 35?
    Show us how to do it in 25 moves?

  10. I am totally frustrated with this ridiculousness!! I have played this for 3 weeks and no way anyone will ever win it with only 25 moves

  11. trần thanh hùng // December 27, 2016 at 2:04 am // Reply

    da choi 3 tuan roi cung khong qua chi cho duoc 25 di chuyen.

  12. Only 25 moves… not 35! Tips are contradicting

  13. I only have 25 moves please show video with 25 moves

  14. It changed from 35 to 25. All the tipsters gone quiet now…

  15. I only have 25 moves, impossible. Been trying for ages.

  16. No way to win with only 25 moves. What the heck? I have been on this for WEEKS!

  17. no way to win with only 25 movwa

  18. I have been trying forever to pass this level in 25 moves. Has anyone done it?

  19. I’m giving up on soda crush. Been trying for ages to do this level in 25 moves. I don’t think it can be done. So what’s the point. Too many other games to play.

  20. 25 moves is inpossible to do.
    Let use know how we can handle and solve this.

  21. Fot those of you who really want it – download Game cheat and manipulerate number of moves. Got to have a little computer skill though. I saw a you tune video saw it ws 35. Saw i Had 25 saw how u Been there for weeks. Thanx. I stop play right away.

  22. Impossible with only 25 moves. Have been trying for weeks. May be time to quit this game. Please set game back to 35 NOW!!!

  23. This needs to go back to 35 moves I’ve been playing for weeks – impossible on 25 moves

  24. Frustrating with 25 moves. my other issue is trouble game loading or cutting out in the middle of game.

  25. It’s because hey want you to buy more moves marketing at its best

  26. I agree with all the comments. I too only have 25 moves. It needs to be changed to the 35 moves. Then you might have a chance.

  27. 25 moves – IMPOSSIBLE

  28. Suzanne Mongan // February 15, 2018 at 6:19 pm // Reply

    how the heck do you get off of this level? I’m supposed to play from the top to make special candies? Yeah right! Plus, I need more moves than 25. I have a feeling I’m going to be on this level for a long time.

  29. Polly L John // March 26, 2018 at 2:57 am // Reply

    I’ve been on this level for WEEKS……….ALMOST got it one time, but most of the time, I only get a few bears. THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE LEVEL!!! I hate to give up, and I refuse to pay money………’s silly that I”ve been playing the regular Candy Crush Saga game for literally YEARS and am in the 2000’s of levels, but have never, ever had such a difficult time on any level in that game. FIX this one, or I’m done 🙁

  30. I get aggravated with some difficult levels but this one I’m ready to give up on Candy Crush forever

  31. Impossible with 25 moves, have been stuck forever, please bring back to 35 moves, it is no fun after being stuck for so long

  32. I got 30 moves and was stuck on it for over 2 months. In the end i had to throw 1 of every booster at it and got it 1st time. Was about to delete the game but thought why delete it with 5 different boosters still in hand. Fairly sure that without them this level is impossible

  33. I am stuck on this level forever!?!?! Impossible in 25 moves as video shows 35 moves – why??? Please change game to 35 moves. Ready to give up and start playing something else.

    • ha yes..but without those boosters its impossible, and for some reason Im unable to get any boosters for free or get any help at all..

  34. This level is really impossible to complete. I think they just want you to buy boosters to continue. I’m done.

  35. Haha, I dont really need to add my complaints, everyone here has already said everything I think. Except to add again that these people are becoming more aggressive in their quest for profits, by reducing the moves from 35 to 25 it effectively becomes one of those levels you see every 20 or so that will make you stuck for month or more unless you buy boosters, that is the whole point, they dont want a bunch of freeloaders playing you know..but in saying that I refuse to buy boosters too..has anyone notices that sugar crush requires you to buy gold bars for every different over that too..

  36. totally unrealistic. Its a money maker..yes ‘lets doan experiment, to see how much extra money we can make when we make levels not possible to get past’..yea real good idea..laaaame

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