Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2252

Candy Crush Level 2252 Tips


  • Clear all 19 jellies and reach 38,000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 50 moves.

Level 2252 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from left part of the board and make special candy. Combine special candies with each other to break more jellies or play near to jellies to break them all. Use more striped candy to break the jellies and blockers that are stuck in corner and middle.

Candy Crush Level 2252 Walkthrough Video

25 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2252

  1. niet te doen…

  2. Surpise, another CRAPPY level. 1) IF you can get the bombs, you might have a shot!! 2) stupid layout 3) bad place for popcorns 4) can’t get combos, and you’d think with this layout you could get sprinkle 5) hard to get top popcorn 6) I guess you have to get a lucky load, last load I got NOTHING 7) STINKS!!!

  3. I tried and tried but I could not succeed in getting through this level, so I went to the tips and walkthrough to find out that at least 6 if not more color bombs were easy to get and jelly fish were all over the board very easy to succeed with all of these boosters.
    I do not get any jelly fish and I am lucky to get 1 maybe 2 color bombs and the 2 popcorn are very hard to get rid of.
    When I do succeed in clearing the popcorn ? It gets replaced by chocolate go figure.

  4. crappy level can’t imagine how the sample level has fishes and I never get any. please do something to this level.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Linda Cordes // March 3, 2017 at 3:19 pm // Reply

    U have to hit the popcorns 3 times once popped turns to speckled bomb which immediately turns to chocolate then u have to hit again to remove chocolate and again to clear the space how freaken ridiculous At first the popcorn once popped waited a move to fill now they made even more harder

  6. Linda Cordes // March 6, 2017 at 9:25 pm // Reply

    This is the level that has taken me the most attempts you have to hit the popcorns 3 times this is ridiculous are they out to bore their playersto death or delete their app This level will do it I use to look forward to playing but every morning I wake up to the same impossible level Now I play other apps can’t stand repeatedly them throwing a non winning screen down ON PURPOSE I MAY ADD NO WAY BUYING BOOSTERS THE ONES IVE USED DID NOTHING and when they make these levels intentionally impossible to get players to buy I hope all players out there refuse to buy There r so many hard levels in a row I spend weeks trying to beat a level only to move on to another level that takes me weeks

  7. 2252 completed! 1st board! Used 2 lollipop hammers 2 break top CB.

  8. I have been on this level for three weeks ! Will try two more times and no success I will move to another game and say goodbye to candy crush….. I have been playing CC for over two years but hate impossible levels!

  9. 50 moves…Pffft..! 35 on iPad. Jelly fish might work, but be prepared to use a few No luck so far.

  10. Candy crush its a joke i wach the video with 50 moves i only got 25 how the moves cut in half really

  11. Only 25 moves this is a joke

  12. Mom please help me I only have 25 moves and example has 25 please give me a lucky board…. thanks

  13. Made a mistake I have 25 moves and example has 50 moves

  14. Another level that I only have 1/2 the moves. Only have 25 as opposed to the 50 that are shown on the tips. If you think this level is hard with 50 moves, try it with 25. Good luck. Help

  15. Asha Nayak ulthoor // January 8, 2019 at 4:43 pm // Reply

    Pl.give me lucky board to complete or successful in this game,

  16. Don’t despair. I completed it without boosters after several tries. It took a double wrapped candy at the place where the track turns to the middle, then a double color bomb.

  17. Please help I only have 25 moves


  19. I agree this is impossible. Not going to waste my money. I tried to buy hammers but for 5 days moves which was NO help. I give up

  20. I am DONE

  21. I ALREADY told you I only have 25
    Moves you show it should 50 moves
    However it seems I’m WASTING my
    time with my comments since you
    NEVER READ or POST my comments
    I’m through with this. You make it
    Frustrating Impossible & No Fun.
    Not WORTH my time. This is the
    Third comment I have sent & none
    have POSTED!! I QUIT. Deleting
    CC Saga for GOOD!! This happens
    to often!! You job want players to
    spend money. What a SCAM

  22. Karl William Lovett Sr. // December 28, 2020 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    Help can you fix this please i only have 26 moves not 50….every time i hit the middle the chocolate re-covers it….impossible thank you

  23. Again I only have half the moves 25 not 50. Why? Also I apid for gold bricks to get 10 — thaNKS FOR THE 2 i RECEIVED AND THEN THEY DID NOT IGNITE THE SQUARE BUT DISAPPEARED – Pshaw – what a racquet. I quit

  24. I have only 26 moves! Haven’t seen a fish one..

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