Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2135

Candy Crush Level 2135 Tips


  • Get the  100,000 Points in 90 Second

Level 2135 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from top part of the board and make striped candy. Combine striped candies with each other to break more blockers. Try not to use special candies with each other later to save the time but you should combine in start to break the blockers to have more candies to play.

Candy Crush Level 2135 Walkthrough Video

27 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2135

  1. Another one of those levels that need special board. Oh well.

  2. I only get 40 secs

  3. Lonnie Prillaman // December 7, 2016 at 5:13 pm // Reply

    I only have 40 seconds also. 4 failures so far

  4. have reached score and 2 stars numerous times….always a fail!! What am I supposed to do? How do you pass this level?? Hate these timed levels so much I have quit playing as much as I used to!!

  5. Hi could you please check level 2135. Supposed to have 90 seconds to complete the level. And i have only 40 seconds and its very difficult to complete. Please check and fix. Thank you

  6. Only 40 seconds on iPad. Please correct.

  7. 2135 completed! Lots of boards! Break blockers and collect +5’s.

  8. finding this level impossible with 40secs
    sort it please!

  9. Cleared about 15 boards and completed this level and that’s with 40 seconds

  10. Barbara Whitlock // May 26, 2017 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    I just spent 12.00 playing on my Iphone. I got the score and passed the level. Then the screen just went black. Did not move me forward. Totally disgusted with this. Will quit playing. You cannot pass without spending money

  11. Cannot possibly finish this level in 40 secs. Listen to the patrons of Candy Crush and fix this game. We need 90 secs. Not 40.

  12. This is a total scam to get us to spend money at this level. Well, I’ll quit first. Not going there.

  13. I’m done. No more Candy Crush for me.

  14. I’m now over 100 tries at this level. I’ve been well over 100,000,200,00 points and still can’t beat it. I only get 40 seconds for this board.

  15. The videos show 90 seconds. My board shows 40 seconds

  16. I am looking for helps, but they won’t work as I get only 40 seconds, not 90 and spend the entire time fighting bombs. Posting in the hope that 90 seconds will appear otherwise the 40 seconds will likely be the swan song. I love Candy Crush, but it is getting very boring the past week wasting time on a level that is impossible. A glitch?

  17. 2135 completed …. Try and work from lower moving side ( left side worked for me ) this opens up lower potion to get +5.. Keep eye on bombs and once you reach target . Let game run out of time by stop playing if you have bomb ready to explode …. if not even if you are above score you will lose if count down bomb explodes

  18. Kate Worthington // September 4, 2017 at 3:56 pm // Reply

    Impossible with 40 seconds

  19. It’s not that I want to quit playing Candy Crush but this level has forced me to walk away defeated. I see no pathway to completing this level in 40 seconds. Even buying more time doesn’t get me halfway to the goal. It was a fun journey but Level 2135 beat me.

  20. Can you add time to this level? It should have 90 seconds but it only gives you 40 seconds. Thanks

  21. This level is HARD. Play the left and right bottom sides of the board to SLOWLY get more seconds and points. Play bombs only when necessary. It took me about 50 tries to get this in the 40 secs. Often Candy Crush is 75% luck and 25% skill. And a lot of patience.

  22. I only get 40 secs not 90??? Why

  23. I only have 40 seconds on my phone, desk top, and etab. Can’t get anywhere. Have stopped playing because I can’t get this level.

  24. I get 20 moves to get 160,000. Completed it in 5 or 6 tries. No +5 This is on my desktop computer. My IPAD has that crazy 40 second thing.

  25. Ik heb een heel ander speelveld van dit level !!!!!!!!

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