Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 11

Candy Crush Level 11

Candy Crush Level 11 Tips


  • Bring down all ingredients(1) and reach 1000 points to complete the level.
  • you have 50 movies.

Level 11 guide and cheats:

This is the first level of candy factory episode and it have new requirement that you need to bring single cherry ingredient to bottom of candy board. So you should try to break candies of the cherry ingredients row so you could take cherry to bottom as fast as possible. If you want more points then you can also use techniques like take cherry almost to bottom and play with other candies if you have extra moves. After completing requirement you could get booster if you have extra remaining move and it will convert all normal candies to striped and it will add some more sweet points to your score board to get chance to make three stars.

Candy Crush Level 11 Walkthrough Video

We completed this 42 candies level with 13280 points with just 19 moves. You can see in then end of video that all normal candies convert in to striped candy because of remaining moves booster and that add so big score to board and you might could get fish booster that eat random candies in the end of level.

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