7 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Soda Level 582

  1. There is only 25 moves to this level not 35. I am so stuck on this level,Help!

  2. Me too. I give up this game.

  3. I only have 25 moves also. What gives? I only passed because I used boosters. If we had 35 moves, could be done easily.

  4. I asked why there were only 25 on my version and as of today March 20, 2017, or whatever the date they decided that it was too easy with 35 moves based on player suggestions and the like. So keep striving or give up! Lol! I can’t get more than 10 but usually only 5-7 bears out of 13.

  5. Hey I also have only 25 moves – is there a walkthrough available for this ?? Pls help

  6. This is now called a super hard level. I’m finding it impossible with only 25 moves.

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