Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Soda Level 1126

Candy Crush  Soda Level 1126 Tips


  • Find the bears
  • You have only 30 moves.
  • 7 Bears

Soda Level 1126 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play near to blockers and make special candy as you get the chance. Combine them with each other to break more blockers or play near to remaining snow blockers to break them all to find the bears.

Candy Crush soda Level 1126 Walkthrough Video

11 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Soda Level 1126

  1. My game starts with only 23 plays. That’s 7 less than your example. How does that happen?

  2. There are 25 squares with ice or honey. They’re at least 2 or 3 layers and I have 21 moves. I’m no mathematician but I don’t see how you could win even if you had a special candy on every turn. Seriously???

    • I only have 21 plays so there is no way I can get through this game. The demonstration shows 30 plays.
      Is this a tactic for us to keep purchasing more candies?

    • I only start off with 20 moves! Not fair at all. Its been 2 days and I can’t beat it! I was able to beat an ultra hard level on 1 try…

  3. My game starts with 21 plays not 30. This needs a fix. Virtually impossible unless you have bombs on every play

  4. Only 21 plays? What’s going on??

  5. I too have only 21 moves. It’s insane! It certainly is designed so we have to spend lots of money to complete this level. 21 moves is not even a fighting chance unless you get a very lucky board.

  6. The move count keeps changing. One minute I had 23 moves then suddenly I only get 22 moves. 30 would have been challenging enough.

  7. 1126 is a sham – just to get you to spend more money! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  8. Still only starts with 22 moves, not 30! Amidst a week now and still haven’t beaten it.

  9. In the level 1126 of candy crush soda saga, i have only 22 moves. It’s impossible to win! So what do they want ? To stop playing ? Perhaps i can hope a miracle ?

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