Tips and Walkthrough: Pet Rescue Saga Level 1358

pet rescue level 1358

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1358 Tips


  • Rescue 8 Pet
  • Get 3000 Points
  • Moves 50

Level 1358 Help or Cheats:

For this level try to play near to pets and break the blockers to move the pets. Play more from bottom part of the board or use boosters that you get to move pets more fast to save them and reach the 3000 score. You will have rocket booster that you should use as it fill to rescue the pets.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1358 Walkthrough Video

1 Comment on Tips and Walkthrough: Pet Rescue Saga Level 1358

  1. ~my dogs rock~ // January 26, 2017 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    Pardon me while I rant for a minute…!
    I’ve been stuck on this stupid level of PRS for over 2 months!!
    I can usually get 6 or 7 pets with no problem..but I never can get the 8th! I’ve even had 7 with the 8th pet in the middle of the board, when I used all moves..and I used my gold bars to “extend” the level for 5 additionsl moves.. and STILL DID NOT get it!!
    As much money as this
    “former indy” game dev (KING) has made off of all their games, I just don’t know why they (OR someone else) has not developed “help site” (like this) for the millions & millions of people that play their games..
    I am not very ‘tech savvy’
    Oh but if I was, I would most definitely create 2 of the most amazing websites/HELP sites.
    I would have one specifically for ‘PRS’ & another specifically for Bubble Witch 2 Saga &
    Bubble Witch 3 Saga
    all of which are my favorite games..I play these games every day.. most of the day!
    See, idk about anyone else, but I prefer WRITTEN tips over videos.
    To me, the videos are not really helpful because the “boards” are ‘never-ever’ gonna be exactly the same.
    But ‘written’ tips help everytime..then, the board doesn’t even matter.
    As we all know..EVERYTHING has logic behind it..and those written tips are the ‘logic’ for these game levels.
    When I first started playing “KING” games there was a site that had such..they ONLY had tips for PRS no other King games..(I think thats why they had such awesome tips..they only had 1 goal & that was to provide helpful, spot-on written walkthroughs/tips for PRS, and not the rest of the games by King. However, as I got more into the higher levels of the game the
    “written” walkthroughs & tips started changing.. all of a sudden they were no longer “specific” to each level..suddenly they had the same exact “written” tips for each level. When that happened, for me, the “logic” for each level of PRS was just gone. It was like someone else took over that website & no longer cared.
    That was the “first” and “ONLY” website/help site for “Pet Rescue Saga” that I’ve ever found that not only had video..but had written tips that were truly helpful & it was only because each was “SPECIFIC to each PRS level”!
    I can’t even imagine the time it took to maintain that was great while it lasted & devastating when it stopped!
    At a time like this, when I’ve been stuck on the same #@*% level going on 2+months,I would PAY for helpful tips!!
    Hopefully one day I’ll find another site like that one ?
    Sorry this was such a long ‘rant’..I know its kinda all over the place, but I truly hope that the message is understood?.

    I hope you ALL have a blessed day!!

    PS: PLEASE REMEMBER TO: Spay/Neuter your pets its up to us to help control the pet population!! &
    Please ADOPT..DON’T shop!!
    & Be Sure to visit your local Animal Shelter & Rescue Groups..
    They have SO many AMAZING furbabies there..they’re just waiting to be adopted!!

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