Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 963

candy crush level 963

Candy Crush Level 963 Tips


  • Bring dawn all ingredients and reach 40000 points to complete the level
  • You have only 50 moves.
  • 2 Ingredients

Level 963 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level you should try to play from bottom or near blockers to break them. Or use special candy to break the time bomb or jellies. Play where you have more candies available to play to make the special candy. After play with remaining jelly candy to break them all.

Candy Crush Level 963 Walkthrough Video

31 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 963

  1. Thank you so much, I was very stuck on this level being able to see where the candy drops is what I needed. With a cheat of the hole in the middle candy and 3 tries I go it.

  2. Vivian Brown // August 27, 2015 at 4:32 am // Reply

    This level is giving me Quite a Headache!!! The walk through did help me w/what position the 2nd exes were to go… & Reminded me of the 4th points needed… BUT.. Doing All of this…my pieces get down into position.. I have my 40K… But they won’t slide on out. What could I be doing wrong ? Help would be Greatly Appreciated !!!

  3. The fruits will not go down I am getting very bored with this level

  4. this level is making me sick of candycrush

  5. this level is making me sick and tired of candycrush

  6. I have wasted far to much time on this level. Deleting g my candy crush!!

  7. I’m really struggling with this level. Cannot get the cherry & nut to drop through. Would really appreciate some help with this level as I can’t see and way past it

  8. Just done it!!!! thank you

  9. Sh** level, i give up!

  10. Does somebody play this game still? I don’t know anyone!

  11. Im playing too and cant work out how to drop the bloody candy into the hole!

  12. Struggling with this level I need help video didn’t help

  13. Barbara Gardiner // April 3, 2017 at 7:54 pm // Reply

    Every time I clear the exit it fills with liquorice!! HOW do I get the items out??

  14. I’ve read every tip and know the strategies but this level is just plain old boring and annoying and a waste of boosters

  15. I may be an idiot but please remind me how to get thru the licorice blocks. Nothing I do seems to work getting past them trying to get the ingredientsame in the right place

  16. Carole browning // May 15, 2017 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    I have no idea how to get the ingredients out when i clear the 3 candies at the bottom the next move that I make the it fills with licorice it is not classed as a hard level but it should be i have read the tips watched the video that doesn’t help because naturally the video will get it out i am completely at a loss with this level

    • Jill A Hayes // May 23, 2017 at 7:04 pm // Reply

      Ok….here’s how its done. You have to move the ingredient over so it’s not it’s not in a blocked column. Then it will go thru after you clear that row.

      • That’s correct. If the they land on a blocked exit, you’re done, start over. They have to be just above the arrows, and then use special candies to rattle it out.

  17. I am a novice at this game and found it frustrating but after a week I passed it!

  18. This level is hard!! It makes no sense to waste anymore of my time on it I have NEVER worked on a level this long think it’s time to give is Saga Delete it give it back reviews and move on to something else yep this level pissed me off!! Been on it a week??

  19. I hate this level. Always get the licorice and can’t get rid of it. Takes the fun out of it

  20. Jeanette Husselbee // March 11, 2018 at 4:32 pm // Reply

    Omg my husbands really doing my head in over this leavel 963 I feel like ive been playing this game aswell. I HEAR bloody game,even I’m getting fed up with it and I’m not even playing the stupid game.SOMEONE HELP ME TO

  21. It’s OK to say “find the arrows”, but where are the stupid arrows?

  22. Ola Perkins // July 21, 2018 at 5:43 pm // Reply

    I’m having the same problems as stated above. Been working on 963 for two weeks now. I always get the cherries, but not the acorn before time is up.

  23. Where are the exits. How do you get below the blocker? It seems like below blocker is an exit. Yikes this is so hard it is no fun. Please help.

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