Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 7721

Candy Crush Level 7721 Tips


  • Collect all the orders and Clear all 81 jellies reach 172,600 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 30 Moves.
  • Order =  4 Cake  Bomb
  • Order =  102 Liquorice Curl

Level 7721 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from bottom to shuffle the candies as it will help to get more special candy. You can play near to cake or use wrapped candy near to cake to break them as it will help to break the jellies.

Candy Crush Level 7721 Walkthrough Video

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  1. Another abortion. Why are these levels not checked out before release. More wasted boosters. I’ve just watched the video and NONE of my attempts have played out anywhere close to the video. I’ve never seen so many special candies or cascades that go on as long and clear as much of the board like that. I’ve been going 5 moves at times WITHOUT a special candy being made. What chance have we got in passing levels like this. I think I’ve complained about most levels in this episode. I don’t expect to pass every level first time but when you have 15/20 attempts without getting close and using so many starting boosters there must be something wrong. Surely you must have a problem with the designers.

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