Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 738

Candy Crush Level 738

Candy Crush Level 738 Tips


  •  Bring dawn all ingredients and reach 20000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 50 moves.
  • 4  Ingredients

Level 738 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty and you need to use good strategy to complete this level. For this level you should try to play from the bottom and break the striped candies horizontally to break the top blockers. After play more near to ingredients to take them to the bottom or use more striped candy combos like striped candy with wrapped candy or with colorbomb combo to take ingredients to the bottom fast to reach the target.

Candy Crush Level 738 Walkthrough Video

33 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 738

  1. Bitesizedgenius // May 28, 2015 at 9:22 am // Reply

    You make it look so easy, it did not work that way for me, the ingredients didn’t fly through and exit they went back up to the top!! It seems to be sheer luck if they come out the bottom! This level su**..

  2. I agree with the above comment. To me it seems as if you don’t bring the ingredients down from the top level with a stripe or wrapped, stripped combo the go back to the top

  3. This level is no fun at all and. I just might quit candy crush

  4. Robyn Gale // July 5, 2016 at 8:53 am // Reply

    How do I get a walkthrough…. This level su**

  5. Terrible I can’t get ingredients to go out, they just go to top. Don’t get it even when I watch walk through. This may be the end of candy crush for me.

  6. This level is just unfun! Antifun and it stinks. Really Candy Crush this is what you got? I’ve been thru some tricky totally effed up levels and obviously made it here but this level I’m done throwing in the towel. It is NOT fun therefore it’s been nice some real but it’s not been real nice I guess I’ll see what this Pokemon Gos about now to find my delete button.

  7. Donna Oliver // July 27, 2016 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    2 different times I completed this level (with score over 50000) it would not acknowledge that I completed the level. I agree this just seems to be “dumb luck” level. Very frustrating. About ready to quit CC.

  8. The ingredients appear in the middle level then move to the top level before finally exiting to the bottom level. Work the middle level to get the ingredients low and then matches in the top level cause middle level ingredients to move to the top level and then out the bottom. I figured that part out but can’t seem to make enough matches to complete the level. Frustrating!

  9. YAY! FINALLY got it with a coconut wheel!

  10. This may be the end for me too but with billions playing you won’t miss me.

  11. My screen is not like the ones on the tips page. My screen does not have any openings on the bottom so that the cherries and the acorns can fall through, they just sit there.

  12. This level is BS. Nothing works. The walk thru must the the CC admins. Cause it isn’t that easy. I agree the others. No more candy crush!

  13. It would be nice if the admin people from this game acknowledged the frustrations AND the amount of us that are now deleting this App!!!!

  14. They will go through if you clear the licorice from the bottom and use a striped candy

  15. There is no fun in level 738 , it good to have a challenge, but this is just frustrating and boring , most of the time I don’t want to finish the game, has totally put me off, I’m now board of cc. Up until now its been fun. Bye.

  16. Pretty much undoable. I know it’s possible because people have passed it but the videos are clearly posted by king. Played it a hundred times now and been close twice. So f… you king, I’ll play another hundred but you’re not getting a cent out of me.

  17. I am a novice but did it after four tries!

  18. This is the most stupid, frustrating level yet. I am so finished with this! I think it’s set up so that you will give them money, which they will never get from me. What other point can there be to a game that relies on a lucky board? Time to move on! I have read every tip and cheat link out there and none of them have helped me to win.

  19. I finally completed this level but it wasn’t from skill as I didn’t do anything different from what I had been doing all along. I still don’t even know how I won it!

  20. I get them to the middle, use a stripe and they just go back up to the top. Even when there’s no licorice. How the f**?

  21. All comments above are true!!!! so what is the answer, it is IMPOSSIBLE AND I TOO AFTER SPENDING LOTS OF MONEY AM DONE!!!!!

  22. Dear Candy Crush Saga Level 738: Please make updates to this level so that we can pass it, SOON or NOW, as getting this far only to have to end Saga is seriously disappointing, like a feeling of loss.
    Thanks, I hope.

  23. I’m on this page because I can’t finish this level. Like the rest of you, it’s only fun when it is still fun!! This isn’t fun anymore

  24. Like the others, my striped candies does not bring the ingredient down and out, it just goes back to the top. So how does the ingredients get out? I don’t know of any other way.

  25. I see negative comments from a year ago and y’all still have this bs level.

  26. I am pleased that I am not the only one who thinks this cc is rubbish. I may quit cc

  27. Been on 738 over a week, none of the tips work. Spent money on boosters, that dont work. Im done

  28. Eydie Sanders // March 7, 2018 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Can someone who has passed this level tell me how you did it? When I get the nuts and cherries to the middle level, I can’t get them to exit no matter what I do. They simply go back to the top. How do you get them to exit? I’ve tried vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and chocolate balls. Nothing works.

  29. Teresa Mondragon // May 31, 2018 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    After 3 tries and not being successful in getting not even 1 acorn or cherry to exit the field experience has taught me to go to tips. After reading this and watching a video I was successful on my second try. The trick is creating and using lots of stripped candies and lining them up correctly. Don’t give up guys.

  30. This level is crap.the cherry will just randonmly exit but when I do the same move for the others, it floats back to the top. Going back to Toon Blast and Toy Blast! Much more consistent. All moves are planned, nothing is just randomly blasting. Adios CC!

  31. Joanne kenndt // February 16, 2019 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    I cannot pass this levelmeither the candies keep going back to the top I a, finished with cc

  32. Brian Salisbury // March 3, 2019 at 4:04 am // Reply

    I will eventually complete this level but this level is stupid. At least it doesnt have the idiotic exploding bombs.

  33. Margery baker // August 6, 2019 at 4:12 pm // Reply

    I am 83 and ha e really enjoyed candy crush,but I have had enough, I can’t continue with this!

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