Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 6

Candy Crush Level 6

Candy Crush Level 6 Tips


  • Clear all the jellies(12)
  • You have 16  moves

Level 6 guide and cheats:

This level is have few new things like requirement is change from scores to jelly. So it means you need to match jelly with same color candy to break it. This level only need one time to match jelly to break it but in future levels you might need to match same color candy with jelly twice to break it. So you might understand the actual requirement now to complete level if don’t still you can check screenshot below but for extra points you should not break all jellies first  and try to make other moves to get color bombs, wrapped candy or striped candy and at the end break the remaining jellies.

combining normal candy with jelly
This is the screenshot to show new requirement that you could see in level 6 is you need to match normal candy single time with jelly to break and you need to clear all within 16 moves.

Candy Crush Level 6 Walkthrough Video

This level 6 have a new requirement that you need to break all jellies by matching normal same color candies. It have 12 jellies withing 45 candies and the trick you should use it is not to break all jellies and use first extra moves with other scoring points like color bomb and etc. You can see in video that we didn’t break last jelly and made color bombs which give big score then break last jelly before fish eat remaining moves.

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