Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2649

Candy Crush Level 2649 Tips


  • Collect all the orders and reach 200,000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 18 Moves.
  • Order = 8 Liquorice Swirl
  • Order = 4 Chocolate
  • Order = 28 Icing Block

Level 2649 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from top part of the board and make special candy. Combine special candies with each other or play near to blockers as you get the chance. Use more striped candy to break the blockers.

Candy Crush Level 2649 Walkthrough Video

19 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2649

  1. This is really getting old. I have 14 moves to get 10 licorice, 4 chic and 36 icing blocks. All the YouTube helps show 8 licorice, 4 chic and 24 blocks. This seems to be happening on almost every level. What is going on?

  2. Linda Cordes // August 30, 2017 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    I have 14 moves not 18 Pretty bad king has to cheat by cutting their moves to a ridiculous amt Shame on you KING U stoop,pretty low

  3. Linda Cordes // August 31, 2017 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    The one video I watched showed they gave him the level wothnthere was one blocker left I had that but no I needed to break it

  4. Linda Cordes // August 31, 2017 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Also if u use a wrap and stripe it DOES NOT TAKE ANY LAYER OFF THE BLOCKER Pretty slick KING

  5. Another level with not enough moves impossible

  6. 36 blockers is impossible with 14 moves

  7. Why do I only have 14 moves? No way!

  8. Help please driving me insane.

  9. Please help, can’t get through this level.

  10. Mom I don’t have the right number of moves. Please help

  11. Mom please help me with this level I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Thanks!

  12. Only have 14 moves too. Pls. help

  13. I have only 14 moves and 36 blockers instead of 28 the video shows. Tiring!

  14. Only 14 moves !!!!

  15. So… Everyone has the same problem. Video doesn’t correspond to real game. King doesn’t answer or update. Great job king

  16. Only have 14 moves, will never pass this level..

  17. I enjoy this game, just as wel as gonna be on it forever with not enough moves. Would like to move on now please!

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