Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2327

Candy Crush Level 2327 Tips


  • Clear all 26 jellies and reach 50000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 22 moves.

Level 2327 guide and cheats:

This level has hard difficulty. For this level try to play from bottom part of the board or near to blockers to break them. Make special candy and combine them with each other to break them all.

Candy Crush Level 2327 Walkthrough Video

12 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2327

  1. 1) I made it a whole 2 levels without crabbing!! 2) I’d like a board like the video please 3) I MIGHT get striped candy 4) I move, and board shuffles, move and shuffle, move and shuffle 5) big fun- NOT 6) lucky board level!!

  2. If you can’t get special candy in first 2 moves you might as well exit out…you’re not gonna get it!!

  3. I think I just threw up in my mouth….I CAN’T play this level 1 more time!!!!

  4. 2327 completed! 4 boards! 3 on my iPad 1 on my s6. Playing on my phone 4 awhile.

  5. Diana Berns // April 24, 2017 at 9:41 pm // Reply

    Where do you find these lucky boards. Play on my Samsung, on my fire, on my computor and in Facebook games. Have morts helmets, can not get anywhere near this level. hate this game.

  6. This level needs fixed, my last 5 lives were wasted as I didn’t even manage to hit 1 jelly square… it was 22 moves of just hitting and moving the candy..this is an awful level..

  7. What is going on with Candy Crush? This level is wicked. Why can’t they give us a fair playing field. Sick to death of being stressed over this game. Stuff it!

  8. This is an impossible level, no striped or wrapped candies fall for me. So frustrating. Wish I had a board like the one demonstrated in the video.

  9. impossible. can’t even get one striped to release any blockers. HELP . been here a long time

  10. Somebody’s idea of a joke, or is it just to get people to spend money on extra moves and special candies

  11. The only was I got thru was to pay $5.99 for bombs etc.

  12. One more level that needs fixing. Been here for three days lost all my cool stuff and boosters. Lost all challenges bc I can’t pass it. The bubblegum troll appears on the second move and takes any boosters so no help there. I never get special candies to clear the blockers just move candy around and waste my time. I refuse to pay to pass they should be glad some of us have gotten this far

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