Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2089

Candy Crush Level 2089 Tips


  • Get the 40,000 Point in 45 Second

Level 2089 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play from top part of the board and make special candy as you get the chance. Use more striped candy and combine special candies with normal candy to save the time.

Candy Crush Level 2089 Walkthrough Video

38 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 2089

  1. Apparently this level supposed to have timed candies falling well there are none falling for us iPad users making this another impossible level.
    Please fix it ASAP

  2. How am I supposed to reach the target without extra time candies falling?
    Please please fix this

  3. Done it without extra time candies. Started with a colour bomb and hey presto

  4. Even with boosters could not reach new level of 50000…king is making us loyal players use many boosters or buy more moves…I play these games to escape the real world..I do not need king ruining my escape!

  5. The level in the walkthrough has 6 blockers in the middle of the board I have 12 blockers starting at the top. By the time I get past the top blockers ? I have no more time to continue and I cannot even make special candy.
    I really need help on this one or I will never get passed it.
    Please do something about the problem; thank you

  6. Ah hello… King your cracked…. Can’t even get 10,000 never mind 60,000. Used boosters no good…. I’m putting cc to sleep for a long time

  7. Keep your golden path for best players…just make these levels fair and passable due to the skills players have mastered to get this far. Getting 50,000 here is impossible.

  8. Hello King,
    I’m now stucked for a few weeks at this level. It is impossible to get 50.000 in 45 secondes. I have tried it with so many boosters and even with that it is impossible to actieve it. When you watch the video on You Tube, it shows much easier, it’s not the same as the level on the IPad. What are you gonna do About it? I have seen so much negative comments of the other players, it’ unbelieveble. It is now up to you.

  9. Can’t get past 15. Can’t break through blockers fast enough to attempt extra time. DON’T use boosters, they will be put where you can’t get to them to use!! Plus, my boards start with NO matches, or I get a couple moves and it has to shuffle. Once again, brilliant advice, play from the top,,duh!! Where else are we going to play?? If I can’t get a 3 match, how am I suppose to get “special” candies?? What happened to the timed levels where they would also drop timed candies?????

  10. Wait for a lucky board…AGAIN!! I can’t get squat on this level!!! I’ve only played it about 50 times. Don’t know what CC is talking about, I made my goal (snicker), now let me by!!

  11. This can’t be done in its current state.

  12. This level is so impossible it has helped me to stop playing cc. I now try other games that I can play and not be so annoyed at their impossible levels and greed.

  13. Lesley hollinghurst // November 28, 2016 at 10:44 pm // Reply

    Why is my level saying 50000 points when everyone else is saying 40000 points I have been stuck for 2 weeks now it impossible??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Impossible 12 blockers 60000’re having a laugh at us idiots that keep playing this.

  15. Why does the level come up different for the devices being used in the world? My iPhone says get 50k in 45, and I have the board FULL of blockers. I have been stuck here for WEEKS. I haven’t even come close to points needed. I would like to pass the level please ☹️

  16. This cannot be done. Fix the problem or lower the goal to 25000.

  17. Impossible and frustrating! This level can not be completed unless they lower the target number. Might be the end of CC for me!

  18. Well, this level has cured my candy crush addiction once and for all. I hate timed levels and I’ve been stuck on this one for 3 days. Bored and done bc I refuse to use any more boosters or spend more money to get past this crap.

  19. This level for me has more blocks than walk thru and 50000 pts to get … horrible level can’t get close in time really fed up

  20. I am so close to giving up this game. Don’t mind hard levels at all else I wouldn’t even be at this level but this is IMPOSSIBLE. Used nearly all my boosters and don’t know why as they don’t even help me come close to the target. There are far too many blockers. It’s a joke and mostly ai don’t even get the chance to hit any of the time candies as the time is taken trying to hit blockers. This is beyond annoying

  21. My husband and I have been doing this level 2089 for a while now. Getting 50000 is impossible. We can not even get 25000 points. If we do not pass this level tomorrow we are done. Annoying!!!

  22. On your example there are 6 blockers and on my iPad I have 12, could you please help me. Thanks so much.

  23. It just get worse and worse. Do you want to lose all your loyal players through Stupidity? This level is hateful, can not even get 1 tenth of the required score. Please help or you will lose me.

  24. Yes 2089 is a hard level,I’ve been playing this level for 9 days. The most I have gotten is 39,000 UGH!!! The only reason I continue to play is because there are 2 people ahead of me and they have both completed it!

  25. Ok so I go back to this video to see how it gets points then I realize it doesn’t have 1/2 the blockers as my board has and my board does not score nearly as many points as the video scores!!!! Come on King You should at least make our boards similar to the one in the video FIX THIS PROBLEM thank you

  26. You are making me give up on cc!! I have come this far and spent money in the process but this level is impossible! Windows asks for 40,000 points and on my IPad it’s 50,000 points and that’s not fair. The best score I’ve gotten is about 39,000 before the clock runs out. Why are you ruining the game with this impossible level. Why don’t you fix this level before you lose many loyal players who are all equally disappointed and will walk away forever. Level 2089 on my IPad does not reflect what’s being shown on the videos. FIX or risk losing loyal players, something is definitely wrong! People would not be saying all the same complaints if it weren’t true! Wake up KING!!!!!

  27. I just left the previous comment and wonder if anyone from King reviews any comments that people write or are we all wasting our time by complaining?

  28. 2089 completed! 15 “F”in days! U need 2 be able 2 collect 3 +5s in lower columns at least twice remembering the clock tops out at 45 seconds. U also need to work as close to upper blockers & clear all blockers on board a couple CB’s + color of +5 gives u extra times. That is my breakdown of level 2089. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  29. Jean Rogerson // February 15, 2017 at 3:20 am // Reply

    I now play other games too. You can buy all the boosters in your pocket book and they put them in impossissble plasses so you run out of time before you can use them FAIR would be nice. Losing respect for the geniuses who are making this game. Why shoul iPad be different. Like an answer to that one.

  30. Another impossible level there are no 5+ candies falling I can just about get 20k never mind 50 k

  31. This the third timed level in this section. Get real King. I can understand 1 in each level. But this is too much to bear. You make the game so NOT much fun.

  32. Gets even worse. After the last update, now at the end the remaining time bombs no longer convert to wrapped candies, which previously gave an extra 9000 to 10000 points at the end of the game. I know this because I play on 2 iPads and on the one I have not updated I still get 560+560 points for each remaining time bomb.

  33. Klopt niets van het level gaat over een tijd limiet maar ik heb in dit level zetten met die zetten redt ik het niet

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