Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1955

Candy Crush Level 1955 Tips


  • Get the 150,000 in 45 Second

Level 1955 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play near to blockers or make special candy as you get the chance. Combine special candy with normal candy and not with other special candy to save the time.

Candy Crush Level 1955 Walkthrough Video

25 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1955

  1. The worst level ever !!! It isn´t médium level, it´s a hard, hard level !!

  2. It is a hard level. Can not get anywhere near the required points

  3. It’s very hard. With boosters I only got a best of 61,000 – well short of the requirement. Too many timed levels lately, it’s becoming very boring.

  4. niveau impossible à réaliser.inadmissible jeu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just another one of those boring levels that can’t be beat until one of those boards comes along that can’t lose. Requires no strategies, just pure luck.

  6. Candy mixing, the rally going and the time running. Very annoying. No way. If, at least, the time did not run while the moves are fei

  7. Lucky me. 200,000+ on first try. And I hate timed games. This is a one time happening for me. If I got it you will also. And yes I hate timed games.

  8. Waiting for the belt to move wastes your time then add licorice on top of that…king you make millions on these games world wide!!! Stop ruining our saga experience with these impossible levels…especially the timed levels. We hate them!!!

  9. what’s with all these time games…hate, hate, hate them!!!

  10. When looking at the video , it falls color bombs and extra time but when I play, he never falls impossible to succeed. very disappointing!!!

  11. F.. this level ?

  12. Very very hard level!
    İ think have a problem

  13. I have a feeling this is one of those levels that is way harder on certain devices. On my Android phone, it seems nearly impossible. I get only the +time candies that I start with. In the video, they keep coming down. That doesn’t happen for me at all. Seems to be the problem for some others. I wish they would keeps these levels consistent! Going to go try this one on my PC instead…

  14. Its very hard on the computer. Takes all the time waiting for candy to fall and there aren’t that many plus 5 on the board. You rarely get bombs, stripes and wrapped candy! Disgusting

  15. I made it to 1955 and this may be my reason to STOP playing because I’m not even coming close!! Read all the tips and videos to no avail. Tired of trying

  16. Update to 9/22 post: After 50 plus tries and not coming close the level was updated — I won 5 in a row this am – 2 wins with 3 stars. Thank you King! I like a challenge but this time challenge was not calibrated

  17. extra time bombs NEVER fall. Have played CC for ages, but am about to give up for good!

  18. sue densberger // September 24, 2016 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    And again, another hard level, it’s amazing how all these balls drop and extra time drops too, it doesn’t do it on my game why?

  19. used to get the time bombs to drop on my pc, but that isn’t happening anymore and not getting anywhere close to the 150k, extremely frustrated

  20. The easiest level ever, thank you.

  21. indeed Diana, easiest ever, on my I Phone, first time I’m over 6.920.960 and counting.

  22. 1955 completed! 1st board! King must have tweaked 1955 after ac”removed”ulating 1,330,800 points I let the last 35 seconds expire .

  23. 1955 is now so easy , completed on first attempt let time expire after reaching 1 .5 million + And 45 second still on clock .

  24. i let it expire after reaching over 31 million…

  25. I normally do not like timed levels either but I racked up over 20 million points and finally just quit playing on my first try,

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