Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1894

candy crush level 1894

Candy Crush Level 1894 Tips


  • Clear all jellies and reach 65000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 28 moves.

Level 1894 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more from bottom part of the board to shuffle the candies. Combine special candies with each other to break more blockers or play near to remaining jellies to break them.

Candy Crush Level 1894 Walkthrough Video

19 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1894

  1. I don’t understand why it’s worth showing when you give yourself a 100 moves??

  2. Agree…Whats with the 100 moves ????????? How can you do that ??? Can I ??? Poor example of help !!!!! Need apples to apples….Yours more apples to watermelons

  3. Don’t think this is a particularly hard level, but I am sick of playing it. I don’t know about a 100 moves, but if my boards ever looked like the videos I’d be good to go. I seem to get combos, but just as I’m about out of moves, and when I get a color bomb and stripe, 99% of them are horizontal, not vertical like in the video…all that to say, it’s kinda hard to get your special candies where you want them….

  4. Officially BORING. Have come close a couple times, which gets frustrating. Think this level needs a minor tweak!!

  5. One word….UGH!!!!
    HATE this level….

  6. candy crush mom is probably a king affiliation by the comments.

  7. candy crush mom is probably a king affiliation judging on her so called advice by the comments.

  8. I wish they would fix this level…not even gonna waste my time right now!!! Need about 500 moves. On to other games!!

  9. How the hell did u get 100 moves?? Pls help.

  10. Didn’t have 100 moves, but after a few days I managed it. Starting with a fish booster helped.

  11. Have only 28 moves ,a 72,different . WOW! Not complaining ,just questioning . Thanks for listening .

  12. 1894 completed!6 boards! Clear licorice.

  13. Damn Cookie anybody can beat this level with 60+ moves. You had 32 more moves than us of course u completed this level. If you gonna show step by step atleast beat it in 28 moves. Tighten up!!!!

  14. Sylvie Gigli // January 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm // Reply

    1894 completed.

  15. done 1st try i used a hand switch to move a sprinkle next to a stripe

  16. Such a boring so stuck

  17. Sure would like to know how u got 100 moves. No use asking because u don’t reply. This level is awful. I’ve been stuck for 2 weeks on it.

  18. Guess I would get it too if I got 100 moves to do it in. If yr gonna show u yr giving yrself 100 move then fill us in on how u did it so the rest of us can do the same. Hey maybe we should save this and send it to candy crush and demand the reveal this trick for everyone. Candy mom knows all the cheats and keeps them to her self bc she never replies when others ask for help. Shame on her for rubbing in our faces.

  19. Finding it nigh impossible please please help. Driving me insane been on it for weeks. please please help not enough moves . Much appreciated. THANKYOU.

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