Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1817

candy crush level 1817

Candy Crush Level 1817 Tips


  • Get the points 125,000 in 60 Seconds

Level 1817 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more from bottom part of the board to shuffle the candies as it will help to break candies automatically. Try to use special with normal candy and not with special candy to save the time. You can get more help from video below.

Candy Crush Level 1817 Walkthrough Video

28 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1817

  1. How come I don’t get drop down plus 5 second candies cascading on my board? If I did I could have a chance to win!!!!

  2. There are no extra time candies cascading on my board. …. Just the ones in the bottom left corner.

  3. No extra drop down time candies like the ones shown in the video NONE!…all I have is the ones in the left corner. There’s no way to win without them

  4. Onmogelijk als ik geen extra tijd candies krijg!

  5. In jullie video vallen er extra tijd candies. Waarom krijg ik ze niet? Is niet leuk meer zo.

  6. Raymond Jalbert // September 23, 2016 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    Why don’t I get extra 5 second drops like the videos that people have won on you tube,,,Wasting my time with this,,tried on computer and my phone,,is this whats happen when you play to this level and be denied the same mix to try to win this game,,I’m am ready to take this game off and tell all my friends about this cheat to hold players to keep them from winning !!!!!

    I’m not getting ‘extra 5 second’ candies either [unlike in all the videos about how to beat this level!]
    BUT I just got 157,100. Here’s how [after being stuck for a couple of weeks!]
    1) use striped candies to break keys, in order to unlock the available ‘extra time’ candies. [Obviously]
    2) If lucky enough to get a chocolate bomb, DON’T use it in combination with a stripey or a bomb. It uses up time and doesn’t give much of a score and, more important, it destroys so much that you end up with a random collection of new candies.
    INSTEAD, combine with an ORDINARY coloured candy. If you are lucky [IF!!!], then removing just one colour (with little ‘collateral’ damage] makes it a bit more lucky that you might get another chocolate bomb. IF SO, use that to get rid of another colour in the same way. You are reducing the number of colours in the screen and increasing your chances of getting yet another chocolate bomb.
    It took me LOADS of goes but I eventually got lucky enough with this stategy to get 3 chocolate bombs in a row. It got me over the finishing line. I honestly thought I never would, or could, without extra ‘5 sec’ candies coming down,but you can.

  8. Elizabeth McCarron // September 26, 2016 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    What’s up with not getting any extra time. Makes it virtually impossible.

  9. bedriye boyacı sargın // September 26, 2016 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    Candy Crush Level 1817 Walkthrough Video

    problem var yardımcı olun

  10. bedriye boyacı sargın // September 26, 2016 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    1817 de sorun var

  11. Candy Crush might lose me over this level. As others, no extra time drops. BUT, on the tip video, all sorts of them drop. Candy Crush has moved to just forcing you to buy buy buy…. Enough of these timed games – it’s frustrating and I play games to relax – not to get all wound up. See ya CC

  12. Not a fan at all with these timed levels. Level 1817 DOES NOT DROP any timed candies like the video. Fix this!

  13. What is wrong with this level? No extra time at all!! Inpossible to pass this level!

  14. I at last passed this level. I didn’t get any timed candies drop down and didn’t use boosters. I only scored 137020, one star.
    I played from the bottom of the board and used a chocolate bomb as soon as I got it. That increased my chances of further bombs.
    I hope this help, just wanted you all to know that it is possible without further timed bombs.

  15. I don’t get extra time to complete this level either please up date it

  16. Também não ganho tempo extra. Muito ruim, não consigo passar.

  17. I only have the times candies in the lower left. Why do all the videos show timed pieces dropping in? Would like an update or something done with this. Been playing for four years but I think I’m done. This sucks!!

  18. This sucks. Why no extra time candies. Stupid level

  19. No extra drops, might b end of long time playing.
    Cannot b won without extra time drops.
    2 weeks of Frustration .
    It says medium level difficulty , not

  20. Marilyn Beedon Beedon // November 5, 2016 at 2:24 am // Reply

    No extra time on my board…what is going on? Can’t these be fixed?

  21. The extra time candy only come down when you play on the computer, not on the mobile version

  22. Play on your PC through facebook and you will get tons of the extra time candies! After playing for weeks on an iphone and ipad with no extra time candies, I finally figured this out. Passed this level the 2nd game on PC but never got over maybe 100K on iphone or ipad.

  23. I don’t get any extra timed candies like the hint shows. VERY FRUSTRATINGLY. I have been playing a couple of weeks and can’t pass this level. I’m thinking of giving up Candy Crush. Why don’t you put the extra time candies in my game?

  24. 1817 completed! 1st board! Scored over 436,000 points.

  25. 1817 completed on first attempt .. again think this has been simplified from earlier comments … +5 were abundant ,my end score was 804880 ..

  26. Now it’s not a timed game…..EASY!

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