Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1753

candy crush level 1753

Candy Crush Level 1753 Tips


  • Get 60000 Points in 80 Seconds

Level 1753 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play from where you have more candies are available to play and make special candy as you get the chance. Combine them with normal candy instead of special candy to save the time.

Candy Crush Level 1753 Walkthrough Video

62 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1753

  1. Maureen Clarke // June 10, 2016 at 7:37 am // Reply

    Another sh** timed level. Being 5 days on this n can’t get near it as there’s not enough fives dropping. And to much time switching moves. So tired of it.. Mom I need you ???

    • Agree! Chocolate spawning is NOT for fun!

    • Just saw the video 1753 I m stuck on this level and unable to complete because I m not receiving extra time candies other then the 9 time candies on the right hand side……
      I’ve seen many videos on YouTube, and in all d videos player is receiving extra time candies too….but after playing for a very long time I wanted to raise a complaint regarding this…..

  2. Again, another horrible timed level can’t get passed. Sick of these stupid levels almost makes me not want to play CC anymore

  3. Still can’t get passed this level. Really starting to do my head i

  4. Meduim level….I dont think so. …

  5. this is a level that’s impossible. Been on it over a week. Cant’ get enough extra time or special candies to make a difference. please correct this level so people can move on.

  6. André HUDON // June 22, 2016 at 11:47 am // Reply

    You should QUIT these STUPID timed level forever dear KING !
    Each time you you get them for players, each time too, you LOOSE many of them.
    Here for example, you already LOST 25 players whom I know and…this is for my environment ONLY !!!

    STOP these so boring levels and replace them by these so clever levels you use to do normally with YOUR players that you do so much MONEY with !!! A.H.

  7. I agree these timed levels are a pain in the you know what. I am 73 and these are going to be the death of me. Knock it off on these nearly impossible timed levels.

  8. Been on this one for about 8 hrs, and have barely made it to 20000, how in the heck it it possible to get to 90000. ????? I wish you could just skip one after so many unsuccessful tries. I hate this one.

  9. Hate these timed levels and this is definitely not medium. Giving it one more try, if not successful saying goodbye to CC

  10. Teverlyn Allen // June 27, 2016 at 2:08 pm // Reply

    I totally agree, these timed levels are used to stay in your pocket…it’s called greed; rather than make the game fun and challenging for players, King has chosen to make it money-making and miserable. Enough with the timed levels already! I’m very close to being done with CC!!! There are now at least a couple of these timed levels on each stage; and this level is not considered hard? Bull pucky!!!

  11. Two weeks on this one and haven’t even come close, I quit.

  12. Too hard not enough 5 candies not going to play it anymore its not fun.

  13. hate this level with a passion, can’t even come close to 60000. (FRUSTRATING)

  14. Tina Bichler // July 9, 2016 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    I startied playing CC For the challenge. the timed & the chocolate episodes only bring on stress. This one is impossible. too stressful. I’m just about done.

  15. I had several lucky boards with multiple color bombs and striped and wrap combos but my score was 46,000 at best. I do not see how much more I am suppose to do to pass this frustrating timed level. King read these comments and act accordingly!

  16. This leve 1753 is way too hard. Even with extra moves after earning 44000 points I still could not no reach 60000 points. Spent so much money on this level already.!

  17. I have been on this level for well over a week. I am sick and tired of levels that give you almost no chance to pass them without buying extra time. I’ll quit playing very soon as I already give it 5-10 chances a day. When they are gone, I put it down in frustration., Soon, I’ll put it down for good!

  18. I’ve spent way too much time on this level! It is not fun and it su**!

  19. I have been on this level for weeks. Tried again today. They no longer drop timed candies when you make combos. Impossible to beat without extra time candies dropping. Why would they make it more difficult??

  20. I do not get the 5s dropping, any ideas why?

  21. Yep, no longer getting extra time candies…Don’t see anyway to get enough points to pass this level.

  22. No 5 second candies drop anymore on iPad platform just the ones top right 3 weeks

  23. I don’t get the 5 second candy drops at all. What’s wrong?

  24. Been on this stupid level for almost a week now an besides the extra 5 second candy’s that you can’t get to have the time there is no other ones !!!!! About ready to delete this dang game ???

  25. I am totally frustrated at level 1753. I think it should be scrapped. I have tried for over a week to pass it and will give it two more days before stopping playing this game.

  26. I agree. Without additional +5 candies, this level is impossible. I have had great boards, lots of combos, even two color bombs together and still haven’t come close to 60,000. Ready to quit CC.

  27. This level is ridiculous… And I’ve watched the other you tube videos where timed candy drops but it doesn’t anymore and haven’t even come close to passing over 30000, even with boosters etc…
    So stupid! goodbye CC. I cannot handle the waste of time any longer!

  28. This is impossible. Not even close. I have never gotten +5 drop downs. Does anybody have this problem?

    • don´t get them on the computer but on i-pad do but still haven´t come close been on it over 2 weeks now

  29. Waste of time no 5 second packets dropping down reached 52000 been on it 7 days, I would never buy time they will never have any of my money.

  30. I have been stuck on this level for a few weeks and was seriously considering deleting the game 🙁 But just letting you know I have just completed this level so don’t give up guys it can be done!!!

  31. Only use color bombs on regular candies. This gives the most points and the best chance to make more color bombs. I was stuck for a week and saw this hint. Worked on my 4th try. Good luck!

  32. Spinchialuro // October 8, 2016 at 7:42 am // Reply

    Vaffanculo vi faccio causa. È un livello impossibile.

  33. how to get time candy

  34. Sarah Driftmyer // October 9, 2016 at 10:56 pm // Reply

    I refuse to buy anything to assist me with this level, mainly because it does zero good. I have been stuck on this level for two weeks and I have not gotten any closer. I have read all of the tips but it seems you have removed the extra time candy in one of the recent updates. I adjust about ready to delete this game and find something else that is challenging, yet doable. I am an attorney and I play this game as I wait for my cases to be called but I’m sick that this level is so impossible, it does not even show any sort of improvement. If it si not changed shortly, unfortunately you will lose another avid player. Please help.

  35. Oltre un mese su questo livello di merda e non ho nemmeno sfiorato la possibilità di passarlo. Siete degli idioti. Delle grandissime teste di cazzo. Vi divertite? Pensate che io spenda dei soldi per un gioco così di merda? Vi sbagliate perché io non vi darò nemmeno un centesimo. Andatevene affanculo creatori ci candy crush. Spero di trovare la forza di disinstallare questo gioco del cazzo.

  36. Finally got after weeks of trying by following advice of using hands and hammers to make as many colour bombs as possible, I had to get about six including one last bomb plus pillow one to finish. (I also turned the sound down!)

  37. Another person who’s had enough. No extra times on my screen. This isn’t even fun.
    Good bye

  38. Il livello 1753 non può essere superato senza acquistare tempo. Non esistono caramelle tempo nella parte sinistra del pannello. È consigliabile abbandonare e disinstallare candy crush cosi come sto facendo io.

  39. Ik krijg ook geen extra time candies, dan de 9 die er zijn. Waardeloos is time Candy! Eruit Ermee!

  40. Hi, I’ve been stuck on level 1753 for weeks now and think it is impossible to do, I don’t get the plus 5 candies dropping as seen in the cheats. I am seriously consider deleting it unless you can explain how it can be done?

  41. Hi, I think level 1753 is impossible to do as we don’t get the plus 5 candies dropping as seen in the cheats! I am seriously considering deleting it unless you can explain how it is done!

  42. I just passed level 1753 with no boosters. I have been stuck on it for a few days. The only way is creating color bombs and using them on regular candies, so to create more color bombs. You also need a bit of luck. I agree that this level was really annoying and no fun at all….

  43. I don’t get the timed candies either I can’t get even close I want to quit grrrrrrrrr

  44. No extra time candies dropping down makes. This level impossible. Please fix it . It is not fun to play.

  45. Read the tips on passing time level,keep calm & hold your breath. Try it several time,not working for me. HELP? THANKS

  46. This level is not true at all to what is on the video. You do not get extra time candies like it shows. The only ones are the nine on the side. Just another way of trying to get you to buy extra things to win the game. Both the video and the game on the phone should be the same. NOT FAIR!!!!!

  47. 1753 completed! 5 days! Yes this was hard. After watching the video and several days of play I realized that
    striped + wrapped is how you ac”removed”ulate points also do not use CB + striped combos if you use CB + regular candy you receive 10 extra seconds each time. Good luck.

  48. When is Candy Crushgoing to release the five candies. On this too long. Ready to quit.

  49. 1753 took me about 8 hours to complete … I normally like timed levels but this one was definitely not a good level.The only 5second candies were the ones on the right that wouldn’t fall ..the way I got them was to use colour bomb next to corresponding colour. When playing this unless you have collected all 5+ do not use colour bomb with striped or wrapped candy as this takes away the 5+.

  50. this is another b/s level. the video you show above is definitely a staged video. there is no way that the candies fall in the real game the way they are falling in the video. if you get more points then what is being given, this level could possibly be passed quicker. Try being fair to the real people playing this game King.

  51. Previous comments sbow worse yet so they increased the time to 2:00 and lowered score to 60000 but I STILL CAN’T pass it after about a week trying.

  52. They must have made this easier. I completed in about 10 tries!

  53. passed on 1st try I had my spaceship and used another color bomb and again reset till they were together which opened up the right side

  54. oh I also used a hand switch to make a color bomb and used 1 hammer to get the bomb before my moves were up

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