Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1694

candy crush level 1694

Candy Crush Level 1694 Tips


  • Get the  60000 points in 30 seconds to complete the level.

Level 1694 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to make stripe candy and combine with any normal candy to take time bonus candies. Try not to match special candies with each other to save the time at the end.

Candy Crush Level 1694 Walkthrough Video

97 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1694

  1. Medium difficulty I don’t think so. Not enough time to get 75,000 what a joke !

    • My experience was unbelievable. I played this level and couldn’t get it to end. I kept getting +5 candies. I ended up with 1,669,900 the first time I played it. It simply would not end. I finally just let the time run out. I don’t understand why my experience was so different from everybody else’s?!?

  2. Diane Groulx // May 12, 2016 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    I have reached over 60,000 quite a few times however my goal says 75,000 in 25 sec. I still did not reach it.
    Very very frustrating.

    • How many people have to complain about this level before you do something about it? I’ve read as far back as May and you still haven’t responded to their complaints or requests. I’m sick of your complacent attitude towards the game. No matter. Soon the game will go down in defeat because of your customer service.

  3. With as much money as you make from people buying boosters and lives you’d think you’d make the level at least remotely possible to pass. A lot of times when 4 colors are put together to make a stripe it won’t even show up….as well as other boosters I try to put together. You’ve even gotten so low as to take boosters and lives that my friends and I have saved. Then when we write in a message is returned that says it was an update on our devices. We know when our devices update….what a bunch of crooks!!!

  4. You pay to extend for 15 seconds…then you add 15K more points to get. This game used to be fun…I’m done paying for stuff and done with this game!!!

  5. Not enough time it’s a joke just use all your lives and money

  6. Level su** 75000 in 25 seconds, it impossible tad toil ard 60000 in 30 seconds!! They wang to makd money.

  7. yesterday this level was achieving 60k today it is 75k the same as my tablet. Neither of my devises operate quickly enough to achieve anything like this total. Ridiculous so after several years – I am out!

  8. Impossible level, I’m done with this game…… while it lasted!

  9. Increased to 75,000……. it’s a joke….no fun anymore !!!!

  10. The clock won’t even freeze during cascades that eat up all the time. I did reach over 60,000 once but there is no way to reach 75000. You have made this level impossible to pass without buying boosters so after several years and much $$ spent I will be deleting this game.

  11. This is impossible even with boosters and I’m not paying for extra time! Thanks CC for finally ridding me of my addiction and thousands I have spent! No more!

  12. This level is ridiculous…I’m done playing!

  13. Janis Patterson // August 15, 2016 at 7:31 am // Reply

    Finally done with candy crush. This level is impossible and it is no fun any more.

  14. After years of playing all the fun of this game is gone.I have lost all my boosters and now lost all my levels. Trying to communicate with you is a joke. I am now back to level one I’M DONE

  15. This level is impossible , wasted so much on this , I’m done

  16. Why is mine only giving me 25 seconds?

  17. first of all there no 5 sec candies falling in the board..and there r blocks on the top right had corner…so if there r no 5sec candies falling and with the extra blockage how do v complete the level?

  18. first of all there no 5 sec candies falling in the board..and there r blocks on the top right had corner…so if there r no 5sec candies falling and with the extra blockage how do v complete the level? have been at it for a no of days now..

  19. where are the 5 sec boosters you show falling in the video?

    • I don’t understand why there are different boards for different people. My board also has the blocks in the upper right corner and I don’t get any 5 sec candies falling down no matter what. I get 1 minute to get 75,000 points. But that doesn’t seem possible without getting the extra 5 sec candies falling down. The game cheats anyway – I’ve seen it all the way through. But this seems to be the impossible board that may be the end of the game for me.

  20. Sorry, I think that this is the end of the game from me. VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEry VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEry sorry. Team who made CC change this !!!!

  21. S*** Level no more candy delete game

  22. marian de Wilde // September 19, 2016 at 10:14 pm // Reply

    I have 2 stones right above and no time sweets on the right side. Its different as in the youtube films (sorry for my english) and the level is not to play like this. An update is nessesary. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  23. This level is unreal.You must be out of your mind.Nobody can achive this level.Hummmmmmmm!!! Please fix it

  24. yup I have spent hours on this level and failing miserably.

  25. Absolutely impossible! Cascades take a long time meanwhile seconds tick by. My addiction has ended.

  26. Impossible to get 75000 in 25 sec when the clock still runs when candies are falling. I don’t even get the 5 sec candies anymore . What the hell is this about. After several days and seeing no possible way to beat this level I am DONE with Candy Crush!!!

    • Het is echt onmogelijk!!!! Waar je kijkt staat er dat je 30 sec hebt voor 60.000 punten nou ik heb 25 sec en 75.000 punten. Niet te doen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Agree with all above. I quit.

  28. Céline Boucher // September 22, 2016 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    Il n’y a pas de bonbon avec des minutes qui apparaissent dans le tableau de droite,alors comment puis-je réussir ce jeu?

  29. Celine Boucher // September 23, 2016 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    Niveau impossible,

  30. Niet te doen 75000 pnt en 30 sec.
    Geen 5 sec snoepjes die vallen, zodat je nog een piepkleine kans hebt. Helaas het was leuk maar hier eindigt CC voor mij.

  31. Celine Boucher // September 24, 2016 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    It’s impossible to do this level because we don’t have enough time to do 75000 points. Could you Hell m

  32. Celine Boucher // September 24, 2016 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    Sorry Could you Help me?

  33. Niet te doen 75000 in 25 sec. Heb al 100 levens verspeeld. Einde candy crush voor mij helaas.

  34. Not medium. Hard now. 75,000 in 25 seconds! Chain reactions eat all your time up. Not got close once. I’ve tried all boosters too.

  35. The game is reach 75,000 points in 25 seconds not 60,000 in 30 as your help page people how to do this..

  36. Ridiculous I do not have 5 sec extra time drop and like everyone says if you do get combo’s it takes so long that it just takes up your time. I also have wasted so many lives and boosters just not fun.

  37. Ja estou a mais de 1 semana nesta fase e e impossivel fazer esta meta em 25 segundos. So para os doces estourarem ja vai tudo. Nao tem como, quero uma solucao. Fico aguardando.

  38. I’m with everyone else. Virtually impossible,
    1) No cascading 5 sec extra time candies…
    2) When the game starts, you lose at least 15 seconds on the first couple of combos that you make.
    3) If you’re not fortunate to be able to make a chocolate candy bomb, you game is shot. 5 lives can be gone within 5 minutes of playing.
    4) Don’t understand how I’m getting +3 moves for level 1695 and I can’y get past level 1694

  39. Same here. I don’t have +5 candies falling. Impossible to pass. I have been playing this game since it came out and now it seems to be over for me. So frustrating!!!!

    • I’m getting extra moves also on 1695. However don’t wait for a response from Candy Crush, they never respond to our queries.

  40. Vou desistir de jogar, ipossivel de passar de fase. Nao tem como fazer 75000 em 25 segundos, se estoura um embalado vc nao joga mais ,vc fica sem movimentar e acaba os 25 segundos. Acho que nao vou jogar mais se nao houver uma solucao,obrigado. Usei mais de 20 vidas.

  41. Me too. Done. Once time I started the game, made one single move and the chain reaction took so long I never got to swipe again. Score was 18k. 57k short…

  42. Kunnen we in plaats van alleen maar een update in het spel ook een update in de voorbeeld filmpjes krijgen? Dit is echt bulls** met 25 sec en 75000 punten,heb lang met plezier gespeeld maar dit betekend het einde van Candy crush. Hoop dat iemand ook echt iets met ons commentaar doet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have not seen one video of someone passing the 25 second 75,000 point version.

  44. Natasha taylor // October 1, 2016 at 8:23 am // Reply

    Impossible to do! I give up! Like my everyone else says, sometimes you only get one move, they cascade and your times run out! Very frustrating. It just can’t be done

  45. Celine Boucher // October 1, 2016 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    I can’t do it. I try sincè 10 days and it’s impossible to do it. I recieved Life from friend with 3 extras turns but it’s for the game 1695 but i’m only at game 1694. I don’t understand what is going on. Could you help me?

  46. Awful!! End of CC for me too!!! Cleared everything and it didn’t break 30000!!!

  47. THE worst.

  48. I have been playing this for a few days. pretty frustraiting to say the least. I see I pad games get extra time why not pc players…total bloody farce and crooks you are. I haven’t paid for boosters in a long time and don’t plan to now. Why is other people only had to get 60,000 and now we are bumped to 75,000. totally impossible and if it don’t change and soon I will be leaving as well!!!!!! AH

  49. Er zit n fout in dit level er vallen geen seconde snoepjes zoals in t filmpje alleen de snoepjes aan de zijkant heb je thats iT.. wachten op n update en hopen op verbetering.. tot die tijd alleen soda

  50. Kut level

  51. What is CC management up to? The customers have spoken. I have quit trying as I do not want to up my blood pressure on a game cooked for the user to fail.

  52. Very frustrating. Easy way to try to make money.

  53. I have been on this level for 9 days and the best I got was 71,000 points. I went to youtube and watched the video’s of people doing it with 30 seconds and only 60,000 point. What the hell is up with that. Thanks “CC”


  55. Impossble..impossible!! I am done!

  56. I have the same problems As everyone else why Isn’t fixed?

  57. Candy crush creator—you are losing thousand of loyal gamers because of the issue with level 1694. It’s 100% IMPOSSIBLE
    to get 75,000 in the allotted time. It’s really hard to believe CC ends like this for so many.
    Shame on you for scamming everyone like
    This! Bye bye Candy Crush!

  58. sportingwife // October 7, 2016 at 7:11 pm // Reply

    Mine does not get any candies on the right side with added time. This makes it especially difficult. The highest I have gotten is ~46,000 and that is using boosters. There must be a mistake since the video shows +5 candies.

  59. I’m done it’s totally impossible to do this level I wasted 2 years playing cc I’m not usually a quitter but I can’t do this anymore

  60. Why do you have 60 seconds to play this level and I only get 25? What is going on with Candy Crush? Why do your u keep doing the impossible. This level cannot be gotten in 25 seconds and you know it. I’m quitting this game. One would think that if you reached this level it would be easy to get and it should. YOU make it impossible by showing us videos with 60 seconds. Please show me a video with 25 seconds. I’m sure there is none. You are scamming your ur players once again.

  61. This is an impossible level. Please fix it!!!

  62. The board does not look like your picture. No time candies come down, even in the unlikely event you remove the blockers. Please update with current board

  63. As you can see by all the comments everyone is upset over this level. I’m quitting as many people are. With the cascading it is impossible to get this level in 25 moves when your video shows 60 seconds. I’ve had enough.

  64. Time candies do not drop,blocked at top which is not shown on video, this cannot be done in30 seconds. Thanks candy crush my addiction to this game as finally been stopped

  65. 75 k in 25 secs. Ha. Yeah right. Time ticks away when there are cascades. No time candies as a result from cascades. Impossible. Please give mores time or time candies from cascades. I think there has been enough complaints to do something about it.

  66. There must be 3 versions of this game eh? 60,000 pts. in 30 seconds; 75,000 pts. In 60 seconds and of course my version is 75,000 in 25 seconds which is impossible. Will someone from your post answer my questions, Im tired of submitting.and getting no replies. The videos are crap because nobody gets that perfect video field. I’ve been on this level 1694 for a week with no success. Soon be gone KING AND SO WILL SO MANY OTHERS.

  67. Please sort this out,I don’t mind spending a couple of quid to get past a level if I am close but this level is impossible,possibly time to move to another game as there are plenty of them

  68. There is a vast different between my game & yours. Could you look into it. Thanks for listening & your understanding. Thanks again.

  69. There are 4 blockers on the right side. WOW!!!! Is it possible that you could look into it & correct it? Thanks for listening.

  70. There are 4 blockers on the top right. WOW!!! Could you look into it & correct it. Thanks.

  71. No 5+ candies drop…it’s not possible.

  72. On my leviel I have 2 blockers on the top right& 1 blocker on the bottom left & only 25 seconds . Also I need 75000 points .WOW!!!!! Need help ! Thanks for listening.

  73. same as everyone else – 25 seconds (not 60)- no time candies dropping – cascades use up all the time – 2 blockers on top right. Obviously a fix needed somewhere.

  74. Wieso gibt’s nur videos von dem Level mit 60000 punkten und 30 Sekunden. Ich habe in meinem level aber 75000 Punkte und 25 Sekunden

  75. Antoinette Bonnici // October 20, 2016 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    Why am i not getting the five seconds drops as seen on the video but only those in the column I will never get through it without help i used most of my boosters with no success please help. Thanks

  76. Jacoline Hoogendijk // October 21, 2016 at 10:31 am // Reply

    Dit level is op je iPad niet te doen, jammer want ik denk dat ik moet gaan stoppen met dit spel nu!

  77. 1694 completed! 20 boards! Used 1 CB cleared blue 5’s first, clear blockers, clear green 5’s. Do not buy anything from king I don’t. Open chests or doors or go back to 1476, 1276, 1272 or even 250 & collect sugar cubes to earn rewards ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. After playing this level for days on my tablets, I decided to play on my laptop. Hey Presto I did it in two shots. Extra time candies fell all over the place. Hope this helps. Good luck

  79. Impossible level !! Not one 5+ drops down at any stage all I’ve ever got are the ones on the left of board

  80. 1694 completed after a day .. no boosters used .. make as many coloured bombs / striped/ wrapped candies as possible …. frustrating level not impossible) .

  81. HERE IS THE HINT HOW TO SUCCEED THIS LEVEL (at least, if you are synchronised with Facebook, which I recommend because in case you have a new mobile, you otherwise loose all levels): I had the same problem on my mobile with level 1694 like everyone here… 75.000 points to reach, but even when all 5sec+ on the left were hit, the time was never ever enough to get 75K and also the boosters didn’t really help. When I was really good and had 65.000 points, I even bought 15 sec for 99 cents. At this pount, I could not buy (with another 99 cent) another 15 sec, but the minimum suggested to spend was 4.99 euro. And I thought “no,this is unfair.” Now I succeeded without paying and boosters…but how? The solution: You must solve this on a PC playing CC via Facebook! When you play it there, there is on the top a “spender” dropping 5 sec from time to time (when cascading in this row). And then with around 10 time 5 sec more of course the level is no problem any more for someone who succeeded more than 1600 levels!! Needed around 5 to 10 tries and then I was finished with it. When you start CC on the mobile, you will reach the next level after sync with Facebook.

  82. 1964 completed! Make 4 color bombs and have 78560 points in 60 sec.

  83. Sorry 1694 level, not 1964

  84. Just succeeded with level 1694. Can’t be played on mobile or tablet 75000 in 25 secs. Did it as Serioga suggested played on PC. You get 60 secs and 5+ candies appear at random. Played till arm got tired and scored 252,000 plus got 49 reward candies!!!

  85. Done in one lucky

  86. My problem with level 1694 is the exact opposite of everyone else’s! I can reach over 500,000 points easily! My problem is that the 5+ keep falling and my time will not end! I tried to let the time just run out, but that doesn’t work! If I keep playing, the time keeps going back to the 60 seconds! I guess it’s the end of CC for me! 😢

  87. garth bowering // May 19, 2018 at 9:00 pm // Reply

    Target 75k, had 119K plus, why did I not advance?

  88. done on 1st try I again reset 2 color bombs till together and that took care of all the bombs then it was just making candy’s to make points

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