Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1617

candy crush level 1617

Candy Crush Level 1617 Tips


  • Get the 170000 score in 40 move

Level 1617 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more from the bottom of the board to shuffle candies. Combine special candies with each other

Candy Crush Level 1617 Walkthrough Video

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  1. Karen Marie Ladd // April 19, 2016 at 10:58 am // Reply

    I’ve been playing this levels for weeks.This video makes it look so easy. I have reached 160,000 and no higher. I get rid of all the clocks and then make points, but doesn’t matter. They just want you to buy things to beat this level. Getting worse the more you move up!!

  2. My board is giving me way more of the black things to get rid of. Her board never really got any. If I had played as long as her without them, I could have passed the level ages ago. Geez!!

  3. I only start with 37 moves?????????

  4. Really, another rip off from candy crush. Why only 37 moves on mine and others get 40. I don’t mind a little challenge, but this is horrible.

  5. 1617 is not impossible, a friend is in the 1800’s!!! Completed 1617 in 25 tries

  6. The reason she had 40 moves is because someone gave her extra moves for that level. You start with 37 and using extra moves gives you 40. But it is still amazing that she hardly got any of the blockers until the end.

  7. I am finding this level impossible even with chocolate and wrap ,

  8. 1617 IS a difficult level and took me a day to complete… try not to activate all spawners until you have cleared one side or bottom , to keep liquorice from spreading ( this is difficult when special candies suddenly explode ) but if you watch video that is what they do … I did this level using no boosters .

  9. I have way more licorice popping out than this video. Just sayin…..

  10. This video does not look like my game on my iPad or computer.the blockers come up faster than I can move. After all these complaints could you just get a tech to compare?

  11. I got 350,000, used no boosters, in 37 moves, by using the tip to remove one side at a time so that the licorice does not take over the board. Took about 5 tries. You can do it. Keep calm and crush on!!

  12. Need to DEFINITELY work from the bottom. Clear the exploding squares and the candies fall down making tons of color bombs. I read that suggestion from one of the other posters and cleared it on the first attempt.

  13. I only have 37 moves. No matter how I try to clear the board, from top, bottom or side, once the licorice start appearing they come 6 at a time and I cant get rid of them. I don’t mind a hard level but this is stupid. Levels like this make the game boring. I have been on this level for 3 days and still nowhere near winning. There is no skill to levels like this, on luck and I guess I have run out of that. It’s just not fun anymore!

  14. This level is ridiculous. I’ve gotten close to 170000 and even did the free moves at end and guess what I got color bomb not 5 more spins. I’m done playing.

  15. That’s it–I give up. I’ve been on this level for 2 weeks without success. Goodbye Candy Crush it was fun while it lasted

  16. I may have finally reached a level that makes me quit this frustrating time consumer!

  17. It only has 37 moves on my phone

  18. Impossible 37 moves 17000 points!!!!!!!! Boring now 😴😴

  19. Can’t do this…giving up

  20. This level is so stinking hard. No matter what I do that stupid licorice overtakes the board.

  21. This is the level I may quit playing candy crush on. I would like to think I’ve gotten pretty good playing by now and this is impossible. I only have 37 moves as well. Using my power ups and extra hold and stuff I can’t get it. So frustrating

  22. Nance fifield // October 18, 2017 at 2:59 pm // Reply

    Waiting for a good board I agree way to much licorice very

  23. The darn licorice grows faster than you can kill it
    I think his level is impossible hate it.

    • I have been on this level several days I have even got two bombs together and that didn’t even help I don’t pay to play I can’t afford it just when you think you can get to match it throws the licorice every where I am a widow and this game helps me on the long days. But might have to find something else

  24. After over 2 years of fun this is the game that helped me cure my addiction. Goodbye Candy Crush!

  25. Same here! I’m done with Candy Crush. It’s obnoxious and frustrating

  26. Was on this level for days until I read comments
    Passed now on first try without boosters and 255600 points
    Key was to only bust on row of the spanners

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