Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1583

candy crush level 1583

Candy Crush Level 1583 Tips


  • Clear all jellies and reach 50000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 46 moves.

Level 1583 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play more from the bottom of the table to shuffle the candies and make special candy as you get the chance. Combine them with each other to break more jellies or play with jelly candy to break them all.

Candy Crush Level 1583 Walkthrough Video

9 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1583

  1. Maureen Clarke // March 25, 2016 at 11:34 pm // Reply

    So sick of this cc. Videos have 46 moves I’ve only 40 … Been on this level for days, if I had the 46 moves I’d have passed it several times. No way am I wasting any more money on bars. . Just be fair. It’s not the first time it happened…. The pleasure is gone out of cc

  2. Both my Android and iPad have 40 moves AND the color bombs are covered so it takes THREE hits to the square to clear the jellies. IMPOSSIBLE, especially with fewer moves. I have been stuck for days and have even used multiple boosters (fish, color bomb and wrapper/strip combo) to try and beat this level. Frustrated beyond belief ? Why do they make it so difficult for some levels when not on a PC? Don’t they realize that most people probably play on their mobile devices?!

  3. 1583 is one of the hardest, I have gotten here without spending one penny. My whole objective is to get to the end without spending anything. I guess I’ll have to wait for a good board!

  4. 1583 was easy it took me 2 tries to complete

  5. 1583 took me about 12 tries before I completed it and used one hand switch .

  6. grahame ernst // January 2, 2017 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    Only have 40 moves … NOT 46 as stated on videos. Wasted all the fish, candy, etc. Candy Crush has lost me. Crappy level

  7. Finished on 2nd try & haven’t spent a penny yet!!
    Hang in there !!!

  8. got this on my 1st try I used 1 hand switch

  9. My iPad had only 37 moves and I don’t remember how many games I played before I finally completed this level. It can be done but it was frustrating.

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