Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1181

candy crush level 1181

Candy Crush Level 1181 Tips


  • Clear all jellies  and reach 48000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 45 moves.

Level 1181 guide and cheats:

This level has medium difficulty. For this level try to play from top part of the board where more candies available to play and make special candy. Try to make striped candy and combine it with colorbomb or wrapped candy to break the blockers that are in bottom. After play with remaining jelly candy or make more special candy to break all jellies within less moves.

Candy Crush Level 1181 Walkthrough Video

63 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1181

  1. Why are you making these levels almost impossible to beat? First 1180 and now this one 1181. This is supposed to be fun and there are so many people who look forward to playing CC. But the last few levels are discouraging many CC fans to give up and quit playing CC. Come on! Give us a break here!

  2. Again, a video of a perfect board…Most of us don’t even get anywhere close to clearing the bottom and when we do, there aren’t anything to match…This might be the time to quit!

  3. I agree with the two comments ahead of me! Just because we have made it this far, you don’t have to make EVERY level this difficult!! We enjoy the game but don’t like to be so discouraged for days with no chance of beating the level!!!!!!!!

  4. Maureen Clarke // November 5, 2015 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    Totally agree with above comments. Frustrating n boring, it’s time to quit as its to time consuming,

  5. Too hard!!!! CC not fun anymore! spend too much time on one level now.

  6. this is one of the worst levels. No way this is medium

  7. Awful level, no fun at all. Just a complete waste of time – keep quitting as I am getting no where, I refuse to use saved specials and will not pay. Boring!!!

  8. Margaret Lappin // April 28, 2016 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    Totally agree. The most boring game so far. Can’t get to break through to bottom and if you do get through, you don’t get any stipend candies to help you.

  9. Lois MacQuarrie // June 26, 2016 at 7:38 pm // Reply

    Very disappointing to have one hard level after another. This is supposed to be a fun game. Not any more.

  10. I have two ours playing this level. For them with the treasure. I don’t think i Will ever get this level. When i don’t have time left i Will stop playing it. I already reach higher than my friends, haha. Half an hour left, after that, going catch pokomons, more fun than this game.

  11. As i said the two hours playing is ended now, so i stop playing iT now. Hoeree, further with the funny game pokomon. Everyone! Try this and you will not miss CC

  12. I als har the two jours playing drom the treasure. Time is up now, so I stop hete as welk. Thos level, boring, not to do?? so playing cutter with other, not King size, games.

  13. So 13 move left and still 25 yell to destroy. What Will you do? Exact, you stop playing, now cause you never get this level. Haha No irritating

  14. You can also stop playing this game like i did. One diffilcult level at another. So stop play, like i did CC reach the end. They have too many concurence of other games. Look and surf, there are more funny games to play.

  15. No fun at aal anymore with CC levels. ITS that why so Many people quitt? I can imagine, i am so far that i want to quitt as well. I came, for me, far enough. Hello over 1100 iTS enough for me!

    • Alvaro G. Quesada // July 31, 2017 at 8:31 pm // Reply

      I’m not quitting! Eventually we will get a decent board to beat this level. You just have to take your time and really study the board. No sense in quitting, actually I thought about quitting 200 levels ago, and I’m still here. I’ll quit when I die since there’s no way to actually bet this since they’re always coming out with new levels and believe me, they’re going to be really monstrous difficulty! In the meantime we keep trying to have fun and not look at the game as impossible. I have a friend who has to wait for new levels, he said not to give up!

  16. And my advice! People leave CC games alone. You are better without them. No stress. Other games are better, i know now!

  17. I Try it over and over again and I am teak done with this level. fu** all the candy games.

  18. No time left for me this fu**ing anoying game ends here. Bey Bey Candy crush. You on your way back to zero.

  19. Believe Candy crush, you are not the number one in the game anymore . You are down under. Thats what i believe. Look at all the other games they advertising, haha. And you still asking me to play your other games? No way!

  20. For God sake, OMG, Who the hell is playing still this fu**ing game? Are you all not done with it? I am!

    • Alvaro G. Quesada // July 31, 2017 at 8:45 pm // Reply

      It will be too easy to quit! Your post was over a year ago, I bet you didn’t quit. Send me a message [email protected] Interested on what level you’re on or if you actually quit. Spanish people are not quitters!

  21. CC wants me to believe that 20 miljard people play this game! They forgot to tell that 80 miljard people. Stopped playing this game. So CC are you a winner? I say you are a loser. With games you are on retour, haha!

  22. Aftershave so man tries a om done with this game as welk. Zo cc gord kick cause you game Will go under and under til the botten. For me No King size games anymore. And I only play cc, Haha Will say enough of not?

  23. All King size games Are su**. That is why you need to play not King size games. Wake up!

  24. This level, not to do. I understand that so Many people stop playing this game. I also stop playing it. Boring and most of iT irritating. Candy crush populair? I am sure ii is not at all. Look at other game providers like pokomon, they are the real winners, and i love that game. Hoeree for pokomon!

  25. OMG what a terrible level? Is Candy crush on his end? I think so. For me no fun with this game. So for me iT will end here, i came far enough i. The levels. I am not ashamed and i reach level 1180, so for me. Bey Bey CC . You need iT cause everyone Will stop this crazy game. And so will I,like million other people who fu** this game.

  26. I stuck too long on this level, no fun at all anymore. From now on I only play other games, and thank God, iTS not a king size game. Haha, i am done with all there games i never played an i will never play.

  27. The reason that I don’t play other King games is cause thee make the games too difficult. I am stuk in this level too long. What a sh** level, I under stand that most players move this game from theorie list. I stop as well. I found another, hoeree, not a King play, game. Good luck few players. You will need it and believe me, you will give up as well.

  28. So why have CC announce the levels? Why do they talk about How Many people play this game? Cause no one does anymore? ITS a terrible irritating and boring game, so wake up CC and come with something else. Don’t believe that someone want to play this game over and over again. I won’t

  29. So cc , stop asking me play your other games, don’t give me the treasure, cause I don’t Come fatther, I never get 1181, and I am done with it. I don’t care that you have a lot of episodes, for me not interesting when I van never reach thema. So please stop the information cause you annoying me!

  30. So Many complains and CC does not do anything about it! Thats why so many people give up. Count the people who still playing it. I am fed up with this no fun play, fed up with the choclat and the candies. Bey and farwell. CC

  31. ?????????????

  32. I also had 5 moves left and 25 jellies to destroy ????not to do. Impossible level cc. Not my game!

  33. I also had 5 moves left and 25 jellies to destroy ????not to do. Impossible level cc. Not my game! Look at the walk through ??????? 8 moves left. Haha om your computer cc ????

  34. Another funky thing from cc, reach the treasure to the way out, Haha, how? ????

  35. Please can someone hack the CC and all the other king size games, so they ar explosive. Than iT Will be over. Halleluja !

  36. Still stick in 1181, enough is enough, I m fed up with this game. Time to go further with other games.the name is pokomon , the others. Not King size games. They Are all the same, boring boring, boring. Don under candy crush, you deserve it.???

  37. Yeh, and all the stupid messengers, like, tiffi likes special candies, good for her bones, haha? By me she dies cause i get no right candies. So CC dies anyway! Haha

  38. And why do They tell me that They have over a two thos and level? Who cafés in you can’t reach thema. Stop your irritating messengers. Do so meting a bout the boring and irritating level.

  39. Aftershave so man tries I give up on this game and the level 1181. I am done with it and as far as I know I am done with this game. I get far enough for me. So all stupide players, go on, I won’t cause I am fed up with it!

  40. I am also gave up on this level. And i am sick of all the advice, announcement How Many people play iT, How many levels this game has., blablablabla . I don’t care! I want to play another, not fu**ing game like the king play. Bey Bey

  41. CC stop giving me informatieontsluiting about levels, about How Many miljards levels people play the game, i am not interesting . I don’t get level 1181, and i cant imagine that people go on. I even stop now. Tell all the people How Many stop playing this game, that Will be fair. I don’t know anyone who still like this game, am i nuts?

  42. I don’t understand cc. They say that the are succesfull, But why stop so man People play this game, they haten it, so am I. Try it now and thans. Still annoying. So can’t get this game serieus and No fun at all. All the messengers, so man level , so many miljard of players, Haha. The most bate this game. Give the correct People Who still play this game, cause I know anyone. They all stop playing this fu**ing game.

  43. I don’t understand cc. They say that the are succesfull, But why stop so man People play this game, they haten it, so am I. Try it now and thans. Still annoying. So can’t get this game serieus and No fun at all. All the messengers, so man level , so many miljard of players, Haha. The most bate this game. Give the correct People Who still play this game, cause I know anyone. They all stop playing this fu**ing game.

  44. And I never stuck on a level for so long, so I am fed up with this game. So cc you lse another play er. Thee are a lot of games playing ge Who does not have the name king size, thans God for that. Good luck for the few players you have. In europe you won’t have enough

  45. So candy crush I give up. No fun with this level. Keep your treasure, and keep your mout shuttle how Google you are, its su** and I am done with it. For me the king size and here. Glad I fint another, not a fu**ing kingsize, game to play. Farr well.

  46. This is my last reaction to this fu**ing game, I am done with it. To reach level 1181 topje, for me its enough,. And…. everyone I know stopped playing this game. I wonder, Who is the realiseren loser in this game? Oh yes. Candy crush is, Haha . Don under.??

  47. So CC you don’t give me any treasures, you don’t have to give me any fu**ing advice . For me this game ends here. I stuck to long on level 1181. I say…. Game over. No playing a dead game??

  48. After so many times trying to get this level, I give up. Never had so many waisted time.Seems it Seems I can’t reach this leve 1181,so I give up.???game focus on other games and OMG not king size games. They all su**.

  49. I am also done with this game, every time to hear that they have two thousand levels. I stuck for months on this level, so i Will never reach the two thousand. Thanks for the tip CC . I know now i can better stop Trying to play this game, and focus on other games. I think i feel better now, now i know that this is impossible , but so far, so good. Bey?

  50. Does someone know another nice game to play? I throw all the king size games. I only play pokomon now, i love iT. Please Some tips.

  51. My first level not to get, for me iT ends here as well. No fun and i hate frustrating, so Bey Bey as well.

  52. I think that cc is a criminaliteit level, not to get. So cc you will not get any moneymaker out of my pocket, I am done with your fu**ing game.

  53. I also stuck a long time on this level, I a done with this level. Look like a criminal organisaition. So No play it it any mode. I have to Twitter a bout this game. This is so fu**ing. So everybody, stop playing this fu**ing game.

    • Cc say harder thans it look, hahaha? I kick out all the king size games, like farm herpes pets restje cc soda, all that games are terrine, now play pokomon, does Someren know another, not a annoying game?

  54. Thats why i kick out all the king games. They all su**???

  55. And they say they are 772 miljard play, by Whome Who does play this fu**ing game still? Can’t imagine that, Haha.

  56. It’s been a month and I still cannot past this level. there is no more joy in playing cc

  57. This is totally ridiculous! If you do not get a near perfect board; it just never ends! Since CC likes to have us buy boosters … why don’t they just sell a “skip” level booster? Really!? I am just quitting this stupidly insane game of “luck”.

  58. This level is darn hard been on it for a week and getting know where close help.

  59. Ok people it’s just a game. I have come this far without ever buying boosters. This is the one that has made me decide to say farewell to CC. I also play WWF and monkey wrench. Have any other suggestions?

  60. sherry ross // April 16, 2018 at 7:02 pm // Reply

    45 turns and 39 do nothing. [not fun]

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