Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1000

candy crush level 1000

Candy Crush Level 1000 Tips


  • Collect all the orders and reach 1000 points to complete the level.
  • You have only 30 moves.
  • Order = 1000 Green Candy
  • Order = 1000 Blue Candy
  • Order = 1000 Orange Candy

Level 1000 guide and cheats:

This level has easy difficulty. Try to make special candy like colorbomb as you will get more same color candy and it will help to get more special candy. Combine special candies to each other to break 1000 green, blue and orange candy in 1000 level.

Candy Crush Level 1000 Walkthrough Video

56 Comments on Tips and Walkthrough: Candy Crush Level 1000

  1. How do you enable combo stalling and sugar drops???????? If I have 3 candies, and 2 fall on top of it, the 3 candies will break before waiting for the other two to fall down.

    The inconsistancy of this game between platforms is making me mad.

    • What platform was this tip done on??

      On my iPhone it is listed as HARD difficulty, not easy. And it is indeed very hard. I managed to get it down to 100 per color, but no lower than that. I am skeptical whether you can get enough Cascades in order to get through 1000 per color on the iPhone version. This seems like another king gold digging level, where you have to buy moves to get through it.

  2. I’m enjoying the cascades on this level but am getting a bit bored with it all now. Come on 1,000 of each colour is impossible. I would have thought 500 was a much more realistic goal. I would like to think it is possible at some stage or other to move to the next level but it’s not looking that promising this side of Christmas. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I got it on my first try. My problem now is that when you complete the level all the special candies explode for extra points but it’s been doing it for 45 minutes now! I don’t think it will stop either. 🙁

      • I have been trying on iPad and iPhone couldn’t get below 400 left of each until Just read some comment about doing it on laptop. It is so different got straight through

  3. I agree, I wonder if the makers do each level themselves, I enjoy challenge, but this isn’t realistic too. And I WONT BUY MOVES, I’ll be done

  4. Its frustrating to watch the video posted here. I’ve mever had a game cascade like the here. I’ve been playing for what seems like forever. I haven’t broke lease than 300 for eah color yet. They say the difficulty level is easy….hmmm

  5. Not possible. Have played with several different strategies and can break below 350 per color. Mostly in the 400 &500 each. Looking like they want you to buy more and more moves because special candies can not do it.

    • Cecilia Blackburn // April 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm // Reply

      I’ve tried with all my candy bombs and whatever the power-bot provided until I ran out of those bonuses. Unfortunately the lowest I got to was 260…this is not an easy level…either give 25 more moves or cut down the necessary candies to 500 of least that would be doable.

  6. Level 1000 impossible. My last level.

  7. Could not be done on mobile site. Very easy once I tried it on my laptop.

  8. Awful!!! Tried a lot!!!

  9. Don’t know why people are struggling with this – I’ve enjoyed it (on Facebook) many times, completing it many times. Wonder if there’s a glitch on other platforms? Certainly an easy level!

  10. After playing this level over and over and over again on my iPhone I never even got close. Best was 350 – 400 each color. After many comments that the PC Facebook version is easier I went on the PC and you guessed it , got it in one shot.

  11. I’ll have to check that out!!

  12. I just completed on my iPhone. Concentrated on matching color bomb with wrapped when available, if not, concentrated on Green only. Seemed to create man cascades.

  13. Level 1000 is impossible!!!!!!!!

  14. सोनू कुमार // June 28, 2015 at 4:00 pm // Reply

    1000 is impossible level. Makers you have to provide more moves or make it easier.

  15. Like many others, couldn’t even come close on my phone but had no problem on Facebook.

  16. Aaaachh no Facebook !

  17. Im finding the same as others, that this level is seemingly impossible on my phone. Easy, it most certainly is not! Is it something to do with the colours not getting registered properly. After the initial explosion for instance, on my phone the green tally only goes down by 20 when there are actually 27 on the board when you start.

  18. So here I am still on level 1000 getting a bit bored with it all now, read the strategy watched the videos and not a chance will someone help me please……………

  19. Level 1000 is impossible. I tried it so many times. I can’t get it under the 400. will you please make it easier or addit more moves otherwise it will get very boring to continue.

  20. Everyone is correct. Spent the last week trying to beat this level on my IPad, but finished on my first try on the desktop computer.

  21. This level should have 50 move.then it is possible

  22. Don’t even try this level (1000) on your phone or iPad. Been stuck for over a month but after reading this blog I went to my computer and logged into FB and tried it. Got it on the first attempt!

  23. Do this on your PC, you will get it done on your first try. There must be a bug within the responsive design. Got it done the first try after reading about it here!

    • So glad I looked on here! I never play on my computer. But after reading your replies, tried it and completed it first time!

  24. my dad had found a way to cheat. He has a Mac but has installed windows on it aswell. U will never have to pay to get through a level again. I only use it as a last resort. It’s a programme where u identify the amount of moves on a specific level and then u change the amount of moves u have. Will get the name of it and post it tomorrow with instructions. There is no viruses or anything. Just something which uses algorithms or something. I’m not tech savvy but once u know how it works.

  25. Its impossible to do 1000 level… make 3000 combo in 30 moves only….try some updates plsss plss

  26. Level 1000 impossible. I have played it more than 100 times: hardly any cascading, not enough colour candies to get to 1000. I am always stuck between 400 and 500.
    This is my last level and that is maybe ok. Need to stop somewhere.

  27. well 3 weeks in and no success this level cannot be done on an iPad.
    Have tried every combination going supposed to be a medium level I don’t think so.
    As I have not got a computer or laptop I think this is unfair to us iPad users.
    Come on King sort this out or it looks like I’m gone forever.

  28. I passed this on the first try on my laptop and really enjoyed it. Since the phone levels haven’t caught up to my laptop level, I go back and play the levels I’ve enjoyed in the past. Haven’t even come close to passing this one on my phone. I think it has to do with explosions not wiping out as many as on the computer version.

  29. Just read the advise that level 100 easy on facebook and kebam! Did in 16 moves.

    Frankly seems very silly. Other levels seem much easier too.

  30. I too have played level 1000 many times for the past couple of weeks on my iPad. I rarely got below 400 candies left in each color. It was impossible to pass. I even wasted gold bars once on ten extra moves. Very frustrating. Today I noticed the update symbol on my app. Fixed I passed the level on my first try.

  31. well hello it’s me again just thought I’d let you know just completed level 1000 on my I pad.
    It has taken me approx. 2 weeks and must be about 200 tries. Happy now.

  32. Second try, on my phone (Droid). This level is just cascade after cascade. My first try I just missed by 30 blue. The tips say colour bomb + wrapped, buy I prefer colour bomb + striped. Tends to clear the board, plus set me up with a new colour bomb combo for the next move.

  33. Maureen Clarke // September 15, 2015 at 7:24 am // Reply

    This is driving me crazy, can only get down to 200 on each colour , another glitch level

  34. Jamie in Reynoldsburg // December 10, 2015 at 5:43 am // Reply

    Came here after numerous tries, not on an iPad or phone, but on my PC. So, no, not on the first try, not on the 20th try. . . and no real tips here.

  35. Not impossible, just a case of luck, I have got within ingredients, yes 4! Just persevere, my friend list has scores of over 300,000!

  36. 1000 level

  37. I find this level boring and a no brainier– totally dependent on luck. A real disappointment after so many successes. Have tried all the “tricks” but none work so hope Candy crush will finally get tired and give me a winning set- up board. No longer fun.

  38. I reach level 1000 a week ago, how long do I have to try this level? Not done. I came far enough now. 999 levels will be enough for me.

  39. I am als stuck on this level, how many people stuck with me? Boring boring.

  40. For me this is the end of this game?

  41. I knew this woud happen, I know now why all my friends stopped playing this game. To reach nearly thousand levels were enough for them, I agree

  42. I hate this level. Boring

  43. I beat it, on an iphone, less than 2-days. Yes, requires some luck but if you made it to this level in the first place I have to assume this is not the first time you’ve needed some.

  44. Focused on the greens and cleared on iPhone no problem. Thanks to these tips

  45. Pamelas Poppy // March 17, 2018 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    I just got it. It was hard.What you do is, use color bombs and attack the color with the least number of candies. This approach makes it more likely that you will get random color bombs. It took 10 or 12 plays.

  46. Pamelas Poppy // March 17, 2018 at 10:49 pm // Reply

    I just got this. Iphone X. Use your color bombs to knock out the candy with the least amount of pieces. This will make you more likely to get random color bombs. It took 10 or 12 tries.

  47. Donna Rogers // January 2, 2019 at 6:11 am // Reply

    Nope….Im done. Waste of time. Imposdiblr

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